Hello world!

I feel it would only be appropriate to write something about me in this ‘first’ post, but I am lacking the necessary will to find something interesting about myself.  So instead I decided to tell you about the history of this blog. Not that that would be anymore interesting, but anyway.

This blog was started by me, last summer. I have been wanting to start a blog for a long time so I finally brought myself to do it. I made plans for these great posts and sections and I was even dreaming of a possible extension to a real website.  Six months and seven posts later, I think we can all admit that my first attempt was a failure. I wrote a review and posted some content I thought was funny and even created ‘Friday Five’, where every Friday I would post five things about myself. But due to my laziness and other things, I neglected the blog.

Now, it’s a new year. One of my resolutions is to resurrect the blog and keep it going. No previous posts or pages were kept. No more plans were made. Instead, I will just write about whatever I feel like. For example, I will definitely start writing about Survivor. And The Amazing Race. Book reviews, random thoughts, funny stuff will most likely be posted as well. Also, if I manage to keep this going until December, I will actually share my 2011 Resolutions with you. 😛

If you want to follow me in my ‘journey’, jump on board. Everyone is welcomed.

Here I go. The first drop of ink has fallen. We’ll see how many more will follow.


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  1. Hi there,

    We have a couple things in common. We’re both on Scribophile and we both have a new year’s resolution of blogging.

    If we get lazy, you poke me and I’ll poke you. 🙂

    MK Chang

  2. Hey, you should put a “subscribe by email” option on your blog. So I can subscribe. 😀

    • I may, but to be honest I’m not really sure how those work and I never use them myself, so I don’t know. There is a subscribe button above, but that’s only for WordPress users, I think. Me, I always use bookmarks, they’re easier to use. 😛

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