Survivor: Redemption Island

The 22nd season of Survivor, called ‘Survivor: Redemption Island’ starts on the 16th of February and I already can’t wait. Writing about the show for the last two days didn’t help much, in fact it may have made me even more impatient. Redemption Island will bring two new twists. One is Redemption Island, of course. In the upcoming season, when players will be voted out, they will go to Redemption Island and live in the same conditions as everyone else. When the next person is voted out, they too will go to Redemption Island and engage in a duel with the contestant waiting there. The loser goes home and the winner stays in the game and will have an opportunity to reenter the real game at one point.

Now, I’m not exactly sure how I feel about this. It is similar to the Outcasts twist in Pearl Islands, which I already said I liked. But, with one duel being shown each episode, that probably means we’ll be getting a combined Reward and Immunity Challenge through the merge. In general, I don’t like episodes with only one challenge, but I guess the duel could be seen as the second challenge.

The second twist is that they’re bringing back two former players. I’ll get to that in a moment, but first let’s talk about the other 16 castaways. After watching the videos over at, I actually… have faith that this can be an interesting cast. Although there are some obvious recruited players (the one I already don’t like is David. He actually admitted he never watched a single episode and is incredibly arrogant. Why are you here, if you don’t watch the show?), it’s nothing like Nicaragua.

There weren’t many people that I didn’t like, so I’ll start with them. David, as I already wrote, is one of them. Another one is Krista the cheerleader, who annoyed me 15 seconds into the video. And Stephanie, mostly because she wouldn’t stop praising Russell. Seriously, she kept going on and on about how great he is. It bugged me. Sarita also gave me a negative vibe. “I think I will at least get to Tribal Council” was what she said when Dalton Ross asked her what it would be like if she was the first one voted out. And what does that mean? Am I missing something here?And how can Natalie name Lady GaGa as her life inspiration? Really?

I am not sure what to think of Andrea, who named Courtney her least favorite player ever, and Matthew. Matthew looks so much like Fabio and that scares me a little bit. Please let the similarities stop there! It amused me when he tried to impress us with his ‘flirtatious nature’; but that was mostly because Dalton was awesome.

Who I got a good vibe from? Francesca. He seems to have the Alicia attitude, but I think she’s funny. Her comment about missing ‘meals at regular intervals’ to do Survivor made me laugh. I liked Julie’s video as well. She, as well as Andrea, named Courtney as her least favorite player. The difference was she actually put it in a way that made me laugh. I think/hope she’ll be fun to watch. Steve seems like a smart person and he gets bonus points for disliking Russell.

Those are my very early impressions of the new cast. Now to the former players. It has been rumored for months now that the two returning players were Boston Rob and Russell. Today, to my severe disappointment, CBS confirmed this. This is so annoying and irritating for a number of reasons:

1) I can’t stand Russell. I can’t. And since the finale of Heroes vs. Villains, he has gotten a huge tattoo on his arm; and it’s not even a cool one. Argh. Jeff Probst said he’s not worried about bringing him back for the 3rd time in 4 seasons. “If you’ve had too much of Russell, I dare say you’re not really a Survivor fan.” Really, Jeff? I never expected such a comment from you. I’m actually going to take it as an insult. On the flip side, there seem to be quite a few people waiting to take out Russell (Steve, Grant to name a few), so fingers crossed he goes home early.

2) I like Boston Rob. But do I want to see him play for the fourth time right now? No. I wouldn’t have brought back former players until at least season 27.

3) I don’t want this season to be turned into a ‘Russell vs. Rob’ thing? Absolutely not. And I think that’s what the producers hope for. I mean they will both be instant targets but instead of being voted out they’ll be sent to a place where they’d have to duel with whoever comes after them? I just hope those duels will contain some sort of puzzles so that Rob can kick Russell’s ass.

I really don’t get why they brought them back. Jeff said something along the lines ‘well it doesn’t really matter if you hate Russell, you’ll have to keep watching so you can keep hating him’. I’m sorry, but I’d rather watch someone who I like so I can continue liking them. Doesn’t that make more sense? Anyways, we’ll wait and see what comes out of this season.

What are your thoughts on the cast? Do you like the fact that Russell and Rob are back?


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  1. Great posts! I completely agree with you on the return of Boston Rob and Russell. Looking forward to reading your thoughts when the new season begins!

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