All about ‘The Amazing Race’: Part 1

I have been trying to write this post for a while now, but I’ve been procrastinating like there’s no tomorrow. Even now, I come from a website that has funny pictures of cats. Right… let’s get on to it before I go back there.

So, The Amazing Race. This post won’t be as long as the other one, because I don’t feel like posting a Bottom 5 list. In fact, it would be incredibly hard to even rank all of them, since there haven’t been many seasons that I didn’t enjoy.

As always, keep in mind that the lists here are just for fun, just my opinions and are based on how much I enjoyed each season.

5. The Amazing Race: Family Edition. I know, I know. Again my #5 spot goes to a season which isn’t that well liked by most. In my defense, this was the first season of TAR I ever watched, so it has a sentimental value. At that time, I wasn’t even paying attention to where the teams were heading, so the fact that they didn’t leave the USA didn’t bother me at all. Plus, some of the teams were very likable (I’m thinking the Gaghan family and the four sisters), and it was so much fun to hate on the widow; I’m going to Hell for saying this :D. Looking back, I now think that two persons performing a Roadblock was a cool thing.

4.The Amazing Race 10. Some memorable teams here, such as Team Kentucky, Team Alabama and Dustin and Kandice. I could never tell the blonds apart, but they along with team Alabama made the season very entertaining. I also remember the one team who, one way or the other, always managed to break their car. This season also featured a number of twists, I believe. Like eliminating two teams in the first episode (I didn’t get a good vibe from either of those, so I was happy).

3. The Amazing Race 16. Again, the main reason I liked the season so much was because the cast. Steve and Allie were adorable (well, especially Allie), while Carol and Brandy’s feud with Miss South Carolina was just… a delight to watch. Jet and Cord turned out to be one of my all time favorite teams.  The one thing I didn’t like about this season was the final leg, when the cowboys were stolen the victory.

2. The Amazing Race: All-Stars. Where should I begin with? Charla and Mirna, maybe. They were hilarious throughout the season and they kicked Rob and Amber out of the race. At that time, I really didn’t like Rob and Amber. Then there were a few teams who got stuck in an airport and ended up being so far behind that Dustin and Kandace  had started the next leg. Then there was the final leg. I never in a million years thought Eric and Danielle could win, yet they did. It broke my heart that it wasn’t Charla and Mirna, but at least they weren’t eliminated. Also, I enjoyed most of the challenges (including the one during which Charla threw up :P)

1. The Amazing Race 17. The main reason why this is at the top of my list is because this was the first (and only, as of yet) in which the team I liked from the first episode actually won the whole thing! It made for a great finale, despite the somewhat average final Roadblock.  Also, there were some really likable teams: Nat and Kat, Gary and Mallory, Brook and Claire. Also, the watermelon to the face!  Chad’s proposal and Nick and Vicki’s dazzling display of stupidity. I loved this season.

I was going to write about my favorite teams as well, but I feel the need to procrastinate a little more, so I’ll leave you with the promise that I do that soon.

Meanwhile, what are your favorite seasons of TAR? 🙂


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