All about ‘The Amazing Race’: Part 2

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog, so I’m going to write about some of my favorite TAR teams now. And I promise the next post will not be Survivor or TAR related. 🙂

Now, initially I wanted to rank my favorite teams, but I’ve spent quite a while on this before realizing I probably won’t be able to do that. Too hard. And, all but one of my previous posts contain lists, so this one needs to be different.

The only teams I know where would fall in a ranking are Charla & Mirna and Nat & Kat. They are my all time favorites. Charla&Mirna mostly because they crack me up. “Charla, she’s really pissed that we’re asking her, because she has business to do”. How can you not laugh out loud at that? Then there are their funny accents, her drama-queens attitude… I really wish we’d see them for a third time.  Nat&Kat were a really strong, likable team and won TAR 17 when I was rooting for them from the beginning. And they deserved to win; Kat gave up 22 years of vegetarianism and Nat faced her fear of heights twice. They are awesome.

Writing about likability, how can anyone not root for Gary & Mallory? They are adorable and just a delight to watch. I hope they do well in the upcoming ‘Unfinished Business’ season, because I still feel they were eliminated way too early the first time.

A team who may not be as likable as G&M is probably Team Alabama from season 10, Lyn & Karlyn. Many people complained that they bitched and moaned too much, but I loved watching them. Their rivalry with the beauty queens plus their awesome remarks (“If you have problems with every car, maybe it’s you, not the car” <-or something like that) made them one of my favorite teams from that season. And they beat the blonds, who I didn’t like in season 10. In the All-Stars season, I thought they were awesome, though.

Jaime & Cara, from season 14, I thought were somewhat similar to Team Alabama. Only they were hotter. And stronger. And smarter. And meaner. But I loved them nonetheless.

Many people would probably say their favorite team from season 7 was Rob & Amber. Me? I’d say Meredith & Gretchen. Come on, they are still, to date, the oldest team to make it to the final 4.  You gotta hand it to them. They had a great comeback after checking in last in a non-elimination leg the previous leg. And a few legs later, they almost came in first place. I think they were a strong team who I wish were asked back for the All-Stars edition.

However, I liked that Uchenna & Joyce returned, because I also liked them. The girl shaved her head for a Fast Forward and they managed to win the race after coming in last the previous leg and therefore being stripped of all their money. They also ran a pretty strong race in season 11 and were just as nice as they were in their first season.

From season 16, I absolutely loved the cowboys. Jet & Cord ran an almost perfect race. They were nice the whole time, they never argued or tried to sabotage the other teams. Also, the fact that they came in first after having to complete a Speed Bump? Pretty impressive. They were robbed the victory in that season, but I have no doubts they’ll make it far when they come to compete in the ‘Unfinished Business’ edition.

Well, that will do for now. Of course these are not the only teams I liked (Kris & Jon from season 6, Azaria & Hendekea or TK & Rachel from season 12 would be three others, for example), but I think those are enough to give you an idea of what I like in a team.

So I’m curious, who are your favorite teams?


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