Survivor: “You’re a crazy person”

The first episode of Survivor: Redemption Island is here. And what an episode it’s been…

It all started with a huge plane transporting the castaways to the main island, while Jeff Probst did his usual talking. I wonder what was going through the contestants’ heads when Jeff said ’18 people…’, since they were only 16.

The answer to that came as soon as the castaways hit the ground and Jeff said two more players will join them. A helicopter then brought the two players and the familiar faces of Boston Rob and Russell were revealed to the cast.

And this was when we learned Francesca has a big mouth. “They’re sizing us up like we’re pray” is what she said, before everyone ever knew her name. She then proceeded to call them the ‘biggest trouble makers in Survivor history’. Now, why would you do that? I have no idea. Rob and Russell both drew for buffs and Rob ended up on the Ometepe tribe, leaving Russell for Zapatera. On a side note, are these the weirdest tribe names since Thailand?

What I liked about this episode is that it really wasn’t Rob or Russell centered. Of course, we were treated with a dose of Russell’s specific arrogance when his tribe arrived to the camp, but that was pretty much it. Thank you, producers.


The Tribes

At Ometepe, Natalie is having a crush on Rob. Apart from that, Philip is annoying everybody with his ‘in your face attitude’ (Francesca’s words). Kristina was already on the lookout for a Hidden Immunity Idol clue. She searched through the supply box they’ve been given, but didn’t find anything. And although no one seemed to be bothered by it, Rob knew exactly what she was doing. Loved that.

At Zapatera, Stephanie is having a crush on Russell. Russell told her he wants her in his alliance because you know he ‘never plays the same game twice’. And she more than eagerly accepted. Unless she tries to blindside him later on, Stephanie will not be one of my favorites. Fortunately, most of the guys saw through it and devised sort of a plan to get rid of Russell.

You know, I thought Russell would start looking for the Idol as soon as would get there. He knows he’s a threat. And he has found Idols in the past without clues. So I was quite surprised when Kristina went looking for it and actually found it. That made me happy because now nobody can call Russell the only one who has found an Idol without a clue anymore. I just hope this doesn’t mean we’ll have another season clogged with Idols.

Kristina told Phillip about her plan to get rid of Rob that night, should they lose the challenge. And once again, Phillip annoyed her and Francesca. And me. The good thing is that this resulted in a funny dialog between Francesca and Kristina. 😀

F: “Oh, OK, I’m sorry. You go, Kristina! I’ll wait.”

K: “Thank you so much.”

F:”I’m not allowed to talk when you’re talking.”

Pre-Tribal Stuff

The challenge this week was pretty awesome in concept: each tribe had to push four blocks along a track to build the base of the temple. Then they had to run up the steps where a person chopped some ropes and released another set of stairs. At the top of the temple, a puzzle that looked pretty complicated awaited. The first tribe to solve it would win Immunity.

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite turn out to be the exciting challenge I had expected. Zapatera had an early lead, which they then increased. Ometepe sort of caught up, but it was clear they wouldn’t be able to finish the puzzle faster than Zapatera. In the end, they lost and had to go to Tribal Council. And Russell was nice enough to inform us he can read Rob’s mind and know he’s thinking ‘crap, I’m stuck with a bunch of whinnies’.

There are quite a few plans going on at Ometepe.

First of all, there’s Kristina. She told Francesca she had found an Idol and wants to vote Boston Rob out, because down the road he’s such a threat. Good point.

Then there’s Francesca, who wants to vote Natalie, because she’s the weakest link. They need Rob’s strength in the challenges and around camp. Plus, with the Redemption Island twist, he could easily come back and haunt them. A much better point.

And then there’s Rob. He wants to split the vote between Kristina and Francesca. Kristina because he knows she was looking for the Idol and he thinks she has it. Francesca, because of the idiotic comment she had made when he first arrived there. Excellent point.

So going into Tribal Council I thought anything could have happened.


The Tribal Council


Now, wasn’t that the craziest Tribal Council?

Previous to TC, Kristina had told Phillip about her Idol, which I didn’t think it was such a good idea, based on what we’ve seen of him. And at Tribal Council, it was confirmed I was right.

Francesca started it. “If Boston Rob’s going out tonight, which he’s not going to, but if he did, he’d probably be fine” is what she said. And it didn’t sit well with Phillip. So he started talking. He told everybody Francesca and Kristina were plotting to vote Rob out. He told them he was asked to vote for Rob. He told them Kristina had the Idol. And he concluded letting us know he’ll vote for Francesca.

But it didn’t stop there, oh no. Francesca called him ‘a crazy person’, which made me laugh. Francesca and Kristina mouthed ‘Phillip? Okay’ to each other. Kristina admitted to have found an Idol, which Rob asked to see. He then asked Kristina for the Idol, assuring her if she gives it to him, she’ll stay. Kristina chose not to and I think she made the right choice.

At this point, I really didn’t know who was going to go. I thought for sure Kristina would play the Idol, but she didn’t. She took a gamble and it paid off. Francesca was voted out in a 4-3-2 vote and became the first person sent to Redemption Island. So now Kristina has the Idol and three more days to try and built relationships with the tribe. I hope she uses that time well.

Now, let’s talk about Francesca. She was one of my favorites going in. And she made a good point to not vote for Rob, since they didn’t have the numbers. But she wouldn’t shut up! So I don’t know how to feel about her being voted out in the first episode. I would have never predicted this, that’s for sure! As far as actually having a shot of coming back into the game…I don’t know; she’s not that physically fit. But if she somehow manages to survive there and reenter the game, she’ll be one of my favorites.

So overall, I loved this episode. I really did! I can’t wait for the second one; I can’t wait to see Redemption Island really come into play. The clips at the end of the episode showed Russell and Ralph going at each other, so that ought to be fun.

So what did you think of the episode? Also… since this is my first review-recap-thing that I write, how do you feel about it?


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  1. Nice site and I really like the way you recap the episodes. I’m always thinking what is a better way to sort of divide up my thoughts and make it a bit more clear and concise and you did just that.

    I wasn’t too sure about this season at first. Redemption Island intrigued me and it was a twist I’ve wanted the show to do for years ever since I heard about it from some foreign season. But the cast originally seemed underwhelming to me and I wasn’t too sure about Rob and Russell return. So I was pleasantly surprised with the premiere. It is crazy how a show 22 seasons in can have a great first episode like that.

    I’m hoping that word of mouth will help Survivor out because it hurt a little bit in the ratings going up against American Idol. Hopefully things will improve on that front and Survivor will have another great season.

    • I agree, I think this season could have backfired if the cast was anything like those who played in Nicaragua. Luckily, it seems these are actually interesting people!

      I didn’t like the fact that they brought Rob and Russell back, to be honest! I don’t need to see that troll [Russell] again, the third time in only four seasons! And Rob… even though he’s in My Top 10, it’s way too soon for him to be back.

      I have a feeling this season is going to be great! If anything, it can’t be worst than Nicaragua. 🙂

  2. I was so excited you are doing Survivor too!! I sure hope you keep with your posts!! I reposted your Amazing Race to my blog btw..

    I LOVE Boston Rob and I’m very interested to see how this is all going to play out with Redemption Island. Philip is a wack job for SURE..

    • Thank you, I hope to keep going as well.

      Yes, I am quite intrigued about Redemption Island as well. Too bad we’re only going to see the first duel on Episode 3… As for Boston Rob, I definitely like him much more than Russell. But if he won, I think that would be sort of unfair towards the other players.

      But I don’t think neither him nor Russell stand any real chance. But we’ll see… 🙂

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