The Amazing Race: “Second chances don’t come free!”

The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business premiered on the 20th. Last night. And I want to say right now that I loved the episode. I actually was so excited the entire time I couldn’t really take notes. So a word of warning: I may get all over the place in this post. 😀

Anyway, the returning teams all aligned at the Starting Line and Phil revealed the Express Pass is also returning this season. And there’s also a new twist.

“Second chances don’t come free” he said. In order to get their first clue, the teams had to search through God knows how many paper planes for those who had QANTAS written on them (short for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services). The first eight teams to find it would be on the first flight. And, the last team to find the plane would receive an ‘automatic U-turn’, meaning they’ll have to complete both sides of the first detour.

I was pretty perplexed when the first two teams who found the clue were Mel and Mike and Zev and Justin, who I don’t quite care for. And heartbroken when everybody but Amanda and Kris, Kisha and Jen and Gary and Mallory had found theirs. I adore Gary and Mallory and for a good minute I thought they were going to receive the U-Turn. Fortunately I was wrong in my assumption and Amanda and Kris who came in last. Seeing them receive yet another U-turn – hilarious.


Scares & Sharks!


After teams received the clue from Phil, they had to fly to Sydney, Australia. The first flight, carrying eight teams got delayed because someone had a heart attack. This meant the trailing teams arrived in Sydney first. The dialog between Kisha and Mallory on the train was pretty funny:

M: ‘Aren’t you excited?’
K: ‘No. I think you’re a liar!’
M: ‘You’ve been to Kentucky before, you know we don’t lie there’

The first Roadblock of the season involved searching for a compass in a shark infested tank and then deciphering a clue. Mallory, Amanda and Jen took on the task, with Mallory finishing first. When that enormous sea ray went over Jen’s head, making her put her hands above her head and say ‘Duck!’ – that was awesome. Either am I really easy to please or this episode rocked! And I’m inclined to think it’s the latter.

The other plane finally landed and the teams made their way to Oceanworld Manly, where Kent will fit right it. I actually didn’t like Kynt Kent and Vyxsin in season 12, but after that line…

On the other hand, the cowboys disappointed me. Going into the season, I thought for sure they are going to be in the Top 3 again. And here they are, losing not one but two ferries, on leg 1. What’s gotten into them?

More teams arrived at the Roadblock just as Mallory, Kisha and Amanda finished deciphering the phrase. Jaime and Cara and Margie and Luke decided once again to work together. This is something that bugged me; I don’t want to see anymore season 14 alliances. Hopefully, someone from that season will be eliminated soon. My prediction: Mel and Mike – one of them will get an injury in the next episode, as shown by the clips at the end of the episode. Vyxsin struggled underwater and Jet struggled with the message. Poor cowboys!


‘Hey all, here’s the answer!’


Zev and Justin. A team I don’t care about, mainly due to the fact that they places so low on their first season. And now, they decided to help the Globetrotters with the clue, but not Margie and Luke or Jaime and Cara. If you ask me, it might have been wiser not to help one of the strongest teams and hope they’ll remember it later. It also would have been wiser, given you’d already done that, to actually help the teams who saw you are giving information. Now both Margie and Luke and Jaime and Cara are pissed at Zev and Justin.

That didn’t make a difference, though. Ron and Christina gave them the information anyway. They also helped Kent and Vyxsin. Why is everybody helping everybody? This is a race and you’re doing it for the second time… surely you can figure out the answer on your own.

Honestly, that’s the only thing that bothered me this episode: the excessive sharing of information.




The next task involved sailing a skiff, which Gary and Mallory also rocked at.  When Jaime and Cara arrived at the challenge, though, they managed to sink their skiff. Smooth! And later, after they’ve gotten the clue, Jaime proceeded to shout at one of the assistants ‘Off my foot! Off my foot!’, bringing back the attitude I love so much. 😀

Meanwhile, Gary and Mallory arrive at the Pit Stop in first and win the Express Pass. Woo-hoo! Finally, after all the second place finishes in Season 17, it was about time they won a leg. They looked just as excited as I was, yet that didn’t last long. Because Phil dropped another bomb: they’re still racing. Yes, the return of the double leg! I loved it, because I didn’t want to see someone get eliminated in the first episode. Not even a team I dislike.

Gary and Mallory’s reaction to that news was priceless. Mallory looked as if she had been punched in the face at first. Then she threw a few Holy Moly’s, before starting to scream and run in a different direction than Gary. Awesome. Just…awesome. 😀

Amanda and Kris came in right after them. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing them perform the double U-turn in the next episode, aka second half of the leg. Jen and Kisha came in third, Zev and Justin in fourth. Flight Time and Big Easy didn’t stand out to me in this episode, but they managed to land in fifth. Jaime and Cara, with Margie and Luke arrived in sixth and seventh, respectively.

The cowboys are still solving the Roadblock puzzle. How is it possible to not get it with information flying left and right? And who says ‘gracias’ in Australia?  I am so disappointed. *sigh* I just hope they’ll somehow manage to make a comeback, because I still like them.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. We’re off to a great start! 😀

What did you think about it?


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  1. AWESOME recap! I totally loved the show. Mallory cracks me up.. someone needs to get that girl her own show.. Opraph?? any slots open on the new network? 🙂

    Unlike you I do like Zev and Justin.. I’m also a fan of the Globetrotters. I did not care for the sharing of the clue.. Come On People!?! It’s The Amazing Race!! There really aren’t too many teams I don’t care for. I hated seeing Mel or Mike getting injured, they are sweet.

    My #1 team is the Cowboys and Oh Boy was a dissapointed.
    Do you plan on doing a recap every week??

    • Thank you so much! Yes, Mallory is awesome! And although I don’t really watch anything else apart from TAR and Survivor, I’d sure tune in for something featuring Mallory.

      The reason I don’t care about those teams is because I don’t really remember them. 😛 Zev and Justin placed so low during their season so I find it hard to invest in them, when there are already so many teams which I love going in. And Mel and Mike – well, they were in a season with a lot of likable teams. For me, they weren’t as entertaining as others were.

      And yes, I will be doing a recap every week. At least, I hope so! 🙂

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