The Amazing Race: “Please get me children!”

The second episode of The Amazing Race was so chaotic and I was (and still am) so tired that I could not keep track of who’s first and who’s last.

The clue each team had received at the Mid Point instructed them to find ‘To Sail to Stop’. For some reason, this puzzled a lot of teams. Including my favorites Gary and Mallory; who just searched aimlessly for hours. I’m not even sure they asked people about it.

Why didn’t anybody ask the cab driver to take them to a place where they had Internet and Google the thing? Out of the three leading teams, only Kisha and Jen did it and as a result, they found Town Hall first. This meant they were on the first plane to Broken Hill.

Meanwhile, we find out Jaime and Cara are Luke’s ‘Race Girlfriends’ and that Big Easy is ugly and Flight Time looks good. Oh, and Jet and Cord finally solve the flag puzzle from last week and sail their way to the Mid Point.

But Gary and Mallory and Amanda and Kris are STILL looking for Town Hall. They lost so much time that even Ron and Christina ran into them. And they were the ninth team to check in at the Mid Point. Predictably, Jet and Cord were the last team to find Town Hall. But it’s fine; they’re just happy to have caught up with four other teams.

I personally found this part of the episode not very entertaining: so many confessionals and not a single challenge. The only thing that I kept asking myself was if Amanda and Kris would be able to catch up, given they have the U-Turn and are on the second flight.


Ancestral spirits


The teams flew to Broken Hill, where they had to choose a car and drive into the Living Desert. Zev and Justin arrived first, which sort of annoyed me. I’ll once again make the point that they didn’t place high enough on their first season for me to care about them. Yes, they’re proving to be a strong team, but I just don’t care.

My heart stopped when Mallory, already in the bottom five teams announced they ‘have a map and know where we’re going’. After what happened in Oman, I thought they decided not to rely on maps again. I was beginning to think if they would be forced to use the Express Pass already, just to stay in the Race. Luckily though, this time they didn’t screw up and were the first team from the second flight to arrive at the Detour.

Detour which was sort of interesting, but I don’t know if the tasks were balanced enough. ‘Spirit world’ involved creating a ground mosaic using diverse materials and then dance on top of it. That, to me, looked like a lot of work. Especially since ‘Natural world’ basically required you to spit colored water in order to create four shapes on a tile. Unless I didn’t understand the task, ‘Natural world’ was obviously easier, so I was quite surprised everybody chose to do the other one.


“I need you to get me children”


I can only imagine the stress of having to do a challenge with 10 other teams running, singing, dancing and shouting around. Kent and Vyxsin were actually the first team to finish, but they mistakenly thought they had to dance around the mosaic so they lost precious time by doing that. And, of course, they lost time by running to get children. Kent was hilarious when he asked Vyxsin to ‘go get children’. I’m surprised none of the other teams laughed out loud, like I did.

As for the dance, the most entertaining one was definitely Margie and Luke’s. Margie just jumped on the mosaic, put her hands up in the air and started shouting-singing-chanting-whatever.

Zev and Justin again finished the challenge first and Margie and Luke second. Since Amanda and Kris had a U-Turn, it was no surprise they left the Detour last. Still, they finished the other side of the Detour quite fast, proving my point. At that point it was between them and Ron and Christina, who all throughout the episode moved like zombies. I know Ron’s old, but so is Mike; and he kicked it into gear. I was really hoping Amanda and Kris would somehow be able to pass Ron and Christina.


Hop like a kangaroo!


Next thing teams had to do was to dress up as kangaroos and find the intersection of Mercury and Bismuth streets. Thing is, they had to figure this out, being given only the Periodic Table of Elements. I love kangaroos and thought the teams looked very funny in those costumes, but really? Who names streets after chemical elements?

Margie and Luke and Zev and Justin decide to work together, since they are the first two teams. And because, you know, since you’re on the All Stars season you can’t figure out anything on your own. And shouldn’t they be pissed at Zev and Justin for not helping them previously? Or am I the only vindictive one? 😛

Margie lost a part of her costume and had to go back and retrieve it. The thing is that someone from the huge group of kangaroos, including everyone but Gary and Mallory, Amanda and Kris and Ron and Christina picked it up and brought it to her. Now I’m sorry, but why would you do that? Don’t you want to beat this people? Aren’t you racing for a million dollars?

And now to the thing that annoyed me this episode. I don’t know where I’ve read it, that this season needs a villain. In this case, Ron and Christina, I award you this title. They and Gary and Mallory decided to work together, so that Amanda and Kris won’t beat them. Instead of actually doing something helpful, Ron started calling Mallory ‘hysterical’. What is wrong with him? That, to me, was enough to start hating the guy. At this point, I started hoping with all my heart they would get eliminated, so imagine how heartbroken I was when they managed

Amanda and Kris were the first eliminated team.

to avoid it.

In the end, it was Amanda and Kris who were sent packing. Those guys are cursed; a U-Turn did them in both times they ran the Race. Even though I didn’t really care for them much, I was sad to see them go. But at least all my favorite teams are still in it. They’ve now made it through two episodes.

This may change next week, though, when Jaime will apparently cause an accident in Japan. I hope it’s nothing serious, because I don’t want to see them go just yet.

So what did you think of the episode? Were you happy or sad that Amanda and Kris were eliminated? What did you think of the cowboys’ comeback, who managed to place third? Anything else you want to say, leave it in the comments section!


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