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‘I wish I’d brought my stuff’

OK, it is official: I am horrible at choosing players to root for. Last night, Sarita was voted out of Survivor: Redemption Island because of her poor performances in challenges. As a result, I’ve decided not to share who my other favorites are anymore, so I won’t get them under my curse (though if you’re curious, leave a comment – I think I’m good if I write it in the comments section).

But on to the episode, which was a good one…


Crispy Rice


It has been clear for a while Rob is the King of Ometepe and Philip – the buffoon. The rest of the tribe treats them accordingly, which resulted in Philip delivering his funniest rant yet. Or should I say Philip’s sole funny rant? He complained he didn’t get a scoop of the crispy rice, since that was Rob’s portion. He went on saying the girls’ sleep in ‘Rob’s underwear every night’. At that moment, I just cracked up – that may have the best line this season. I wonder what Amber thought of that?

Joke aside, Philip has a point. Since the game started, pretty much everyone at Ometepe has been star struck by Rob’s presence. Everyone immediately accepted him as the leader and has unconditional trust in him. At this point, I’m actually thinking they even want to go to the Final Three with him. Why don’t they see how big a threat he is?


Flip & Match


It seemed lie from the moment she arrived at Redemption Island, Stephanie has been talking non-stop about peanut butter and all sorts of foods. We all knew she was annoying, so that was not a surprise. If during this past week I had been rooting a liiiitle bit for Stephanie to win – not anymore.

This week’s Duel tested the competitors’ memory, with a good old ‘Flip & Match’ type of challenge. As much as I like to play such games, I don’t like them on Survivor. I feel a lot of luck is involved and surprisingly, I was proven right – both Matt and Stephanie scored a point in the first round.

Stephanie never really had the lead or any chance of winning, though and a few rounds later, she lost. Matt won his fifth Redemption Island Duel. Or, as Jeff loves to say, he ‘seized the moment’. His winning streak is so impressive that Philip called him a ‘Samurai Warrior’.

As soon as Rob and Philip returned to their camp, Philip gave Rob yet another reason to pit the tribe against him. I’ll say this again: Philip doesn’t know how to play the game. Every time he says he wants to take out Rob I can’t help but smile, knowing that probably won’t happen. Sure, with the merge happening next week, he might have some sort of a shot, but Rob has an Idol and a solid alliance.


Three out of four


The challenge this week was –again- from Nicaragua. I have to admit though; it was one of very few things I liked about that season so I was glad they decided to reuse it. Both tribes had to race through a series of obstacles and collect two ‘bags of balls’. They then had to shoot the balls in a basket.

Sarita and Philip both struggled and made the challenge unpredictable. Ometepe had an early lead, which Zapatera then stole. Still, both tribes got to the baskets about the same time. For a little while it looked like Zapatera might win – they had five out of six balls in the basket, while Ometepe only had three. But in the end, Ometepe took the prize home, thanks to Grant. He may have gotten all six balls in the basket by himself. He is a strong, strong physical player, but I’m disappointed by how he blindly trusts Rob.

Ometepe was taken to the top of an active volcano, which was an amazing experience for the players. Cookies and drinks brought the tribe together and even Philip decided to postpone his plans of sabotaging Rob. But the best part of the Reward? Rob threw the Immunity Clue in the volcano.


Loyalty vs. Strength


So Zapatera self destructed. They now face another Tribal Council, which will bring their tribe to five members, giving Ometepe the numbers for the first time. The targets: David and Sarita.

David is a good puzzle solver and the tribe could use his strength in challenges. At the same time, he’s not very trustworthy. With Sarita, it’s the opposite; she’s horrible in challenges but very loyal.

Personally, knowing after this Council there would be eleven people left in the game, I would have pleaded for David to go. Come on, the Merge usually occurs at twelve when there’s a Final Three plus a nine member Jury. So why would you keep the strong guy who would be willing to flip? Keeping the loyal Sarita (who won’t be a threat for Individual Immunity) would have been a better choice.


‘I don’t know what cohesive means’


Sarita was sent to Redemption Island last night.

Oh my, what a Council. Did Ralph really say that he doesn’t know what cohesive means? I couldn’t believe my ears. And if that wasn’t enough, he then answered an ‘a or b?’ question with ‘I disagree’. Hilarious. 😀

Not until the last moment did I realize Sarita would be voted out. While I did know she had a big target, she did a great job of defending herself at Tribal and not losing her cool. But in a 4-2 vote, she was sent packing with probably the purest expression of shock on her face I’ve ever seen on Survivor. She was so confident she was safe she hadn’t even brought her stuff with her.

As I’ve already said, I loved her, despite last week’s…incidents. And of course, she had to be voted out just before the merge – I hate when that happens. The preview clips seem to indicate Matt hurt himself and that will somehow affect his performance in the Final Duel, but I’m not buying it. Either way, I’ll be happy for whoever reenters the game!

I can hardly wait for next week’s episode. What did you think of this one? Sad to see Sarita go? Happy?


‘The statue looks pregnant’

The sixth episode of The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business saw an incredibly lively Mallory, a weird, silver, pajama looking outfit on Zev and lots and lots of tea.

Now, since last week’s episode, I’ve pretty much calmed down and got over Jaime and Cara’s elimination – I don’t have anything with the Goths anymore.  So I pretty much knew I would be sad for whoever was eliminated. But wasn’t that a(nother) crazy episode?


Still in China


Much to the teams’ surprise, the first clue instructed them they had to take part in a tea tasting in…China. Everybody complained about that and I’m not sure I understand why. I mean, I get you spent two legs there already and you want to leave. But at the same time the task was an easy one. After they had tasted the papaya-mango tea (and for the record I want to try it too), teams were instructed to fly to Kolkata, India.

Everybody took the same flight and arrived in India in the middle of the night. But the Town Hall, which was where their next clue awaited, only opened at 10 am. How hilarious was it when Big Easy made Mallory and Gary plus several other teams think they had to run down the street to get the next clue? Mallory seemed completely confused at one point and then she proceeded to hit everybody involved n the ‘prank’. ‘I hate y’all’ is what she said. I’m really glad the teams are enjoying themselves that much.


The Mother Of All Roadblocks


Continuing the series of awesome challenges, this week’s Roadblock might have been the hardest yet. Teams had to search through hundreds of different tea cups for one containing the same flavored tea as the one they drank in China.

Unfortunately, Ron was lucky… perceptive enough to get it right the first time. I think he just sampled one cup before receiving the next clue. Most of the other teams struggled with the task; Flight Time and Luke in particular. Those two took forever to complete the task, but handled the situation quite differently.

On the one hand, you have Flight Time who doesn’t want to inquire a penalty. He and Big Easy were eliminated in their first Race because of one, so he doesn’t want that to happen again. On the other hand, you have Luke; he got frustrated soon and needed constant encouragement from Margie to finish the task. I really wish he’d learned something from his last season.

I found it heartwarming to see the Indian people clap and cheer on though. As was hearing teams congratulating left and right and wishing everybody good luck.


Art or Education?


The Detour was between Hindu Art –which seemed like a lot of work, since it involved painting and dressing a sculpture- and Bengali Literature -transporting eight bundles of books from a bookstore to a school using a rickshaw.  Gary and Mallory chose the latter and that was a smart choice. Even though they left the Roadblock in fifth place, they were the first ones to finish the Detour. And they landed in first place. Finally! I have been rooting for them to win a leg since forever. (Who else initially thought their prize was just sampling the new Snapple?:P) Also doing Bengali Literature were Jet and Cord and Zev and Justin, who ended up placing second and fourth.

At Hindu Art, Kent and Vyxsin had a pretty easy ride. Painting stuff in pink is what they do on a daily basis, according to Kent.  Kisha and Jen also did pretty well, though they got lost a few times throughout the leg. Why didn’t they open that bottle quicker? That was the first thing I would have done, even just to sample the thing. 😛

Ron had some issues with the loud music, which gave him a headache. Still, that didn’t prevent he and Christina to land in third place.

Margie and Luke are the fourth team eliminated.

When the Globetrotters had arrived at the Detour, everybody else was already gone. Still, they had a lead on Margie and Luke. At this point it became pretty obvious who was going to be eliminated. Even though Flight Time kicked a bucket of paint over their sculpture, they quickly fixed the mistake. After giving Margie and Luke a hug each, they checked in seventh place, merely avoiding elimination.

Following the footsteps of his ‘Race Girlfriends’, Luke and Margie checked in last and were eliminated. It was sad to see Luke die on the floor like that, but at least they got a second chance. It seems like teams from the 14th season are doomed! I hope Kisha and Jen will break this ‘curse’, since I really would hate to see them go next.

What did you made of this episode?

‘Got Busted by the Principal’

Am I that horrible at choosing players to root for? First it was Francesca, who managed to get herself voted out first. Then it was Kristina, who had to make Rob feel threatened and vote her out instead of Phillip. And now Sarita, who I’ve liked from the second episode, is apparently turning into a complaining little princess.





This episode showed another side of some of the players. Ashley, who from the beginning I thought was a decent, hard working player around camp, has turned into this annoying beauty queen. She wouldn’t do anything around camp and neither will Natalie. Instead, they would have ‘another beach day’; meaning they will practice hair removal with a pair of scissors. This resulted in Phillip having a meltdown and urging them to ‘help out around here’. As annoying as Phillip is, he is right. Ashley’s response was pretty much just shouting and overall being rude towards Phillip.  Although she (as many, I’m sure) can’t stand the guy, you’re on Survivor. Suck it up!

She should meet Stephanie, who is trying to master that art at Zapatera. After both her allies have been voted out, she’s finally trying to form relationships with her tribe. In particular David, who now knows he’s at the bottom of the Zapatera Six and is looking for other options. She’s targeting who she knows is the weakest member.

This brings me to the third player who has changed in my eyes since the beginning of the show: Sarita. During the first few episodes she was this sweet, motherly figure who I adored. And here is she is, four episodes later, sticking dirty sticks in her mouth to clean her teeth. Really? You’re on Survivor, for crying out loud: everybody stinks and nobody gives a damn about it. Now, she’s complaining left and right about how badly her gums hurt. I really hope that was just an isolate episode and she‘ll wake up. Soon.


Prayer Warriors 2.0


Ah, good old Brett and Natalie. I’m sorry; I meant Matt and Krista, inhabitants on Redemption Island.  They both are devoted Christians and bond really well at Redemption Island. Sadly for them, only one can remain in the game, as they enter this week’s Duel.

I must say, this was probably my least favorite Duel so far. The main reason being I didn’t find the Challenge that interesting. I was obviously rooting for Matt and Krista took an early lead; but I wasn’t too worried. I knew she would somehow screw up later on and after a couple of looks at Matt’s table maze, she dropped the ball (literally). A few seconds later, Matt ‘once again seized the moment’. Krista was then sent packing after the torturous buff burning ceremony and after she had given Matt her pink Bible. I liked that moment of human affection. 🙂


Throw and Catch


The Immunity Challenge was again one I did not particularly enjoy – the same one in which JT lost his tooth back in Tocantins. After Jeff successfully stirred up the pot and Phillip delivered a ridiculous speech, Ometepe went on to completely dominate the Challenge. Seriously, they rocked – Grant in particular. He alone caught four of the five balls required to win, while Zapatera didn’t manage to catch one single ball. After their impressive first wins, they seem to have lost their momentum. Can they make a comeback?

Since the tribes were also playing for Reward, Ometepe was sent to a wonderful picnic lunch. Rob and Grant again found the Immunity Idol Clue, but this time it didn’t go entirely their way: Phillip saw them reading the clue, after they had announced they are ‘checking the view’.

I literally cannot listen to Phillip’s speeches anymore. He is annoying. I’m tired of the lion and gorilla; the four years he as a Former Special Agent, defending the great country that is America. What, didn’t you know he was an agent? And all that talking just to tell us he doesn’t trust Rob and Grant anymore. Adding those two to his ‘to vote out’ list, the only person in his tribe who he doesn’t have an issue with is Andrea.


S. vs. S.


Can Steph defeat Matt at the next Duel?

With Tribal Council looming, Stephanie tried to put the target on Sarita, for being the weakest member of the tribe. She argued that she is stronger than Sarita. Had I been there and had I known what the Zapatera Six knew, I would have probably agreed with her.

At Tribal Council, Stephanie continued to attack Sarita with the help of David, who went in… I guess the ‘lawyer mode’ and made it clear he will vote for Sarita.  As I saw it, she either didn’t try very hard to defend herself or she wasn’t that impressed with what Stephanie and David had said.

I thought the vote could go either way, but in the end Stephanie was sent to Redemption Island. Unbeknownst to them, they did the right thing. After all, she has been eager to flip ever since Russell got voted out and she let Ometepe know about it. Besides, I still hope Sarita is not that big of a ‘drama queen’, as Julie called her.

To be honest, this wasn’t my favorite episode. What did you think of it? And am I the only one who thinks the preview scenes didn’t make any sense at all?

‘A bullet in the Playboy bunny’ :(

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. After four episodes in which they all survived, one of my favorite teams – Jaime and Cara – was eliminated from the Race. Apart from that though, the episode was suspenseful and enjoyable.

It started with Kent and Vyxsin, who after a series of huge mistakes have yet to finish the fourth leg of the Race. And when they did, they received a 30 minute penalty for taking the wrong flight. I expected a 2 hour one, but since taking another flight than the one required didn’t give them any advantage, I thought it was fair. They later caught up with the other teams before the equalizing train to Kunming and it was anybody’s game. Now why did they lie to everybody about their penalty is a complete mystery for me, especially if you think of how helpful everyone’s been this entire Race.


Like playing basketball with trees


Now, if there’s one thing I never thought I will be seeing on The Amazing Race, that’s a friendly basketball game between the teams. While two professional Cheerleaders cheered from the side. Flight Time and Big Easy showed some mad skills, but I’m wondering… which team won? I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but in their original season, I wasn’t their biggest fan. Now, I’m struggling to find a reason for it, since they’re quite funny.


Past and future


Ron and Christina arrived first at the Detour Clue because, you know, they’re in China? I immediately thought Honor the Past was the easier side of the Detour, since it involved remembering the order in which 15 performers appeared on a stage.  Still, I wasn’t surprised the more physical teams chose Embrace the Future.

In ‘the more physical teams’ I’m not including Kent and Vyxsin, who seemed to be struggling just a tiny bit with the task. It was quite rich of Vixsyin to yell at Kent and ask him to move his ass, since the Pink Mermaid was the main reason they (1) missed the required flight and (2) checked in last the previous leg.


Do the Globes!


At about this time I began to be really nervous because of the Double U-Turn. Margie and Luke arrived first and chose not to U-Turn anybody – a decision which I admired, but mainly because that meant they wouldn’t U-Turn Gary and Mallory. Had they done that, I would have been mad.

Kent and Vyxsin and Jaime and Cara arrived at the Double U-Turn at the same time, but Kent and Vyxsin stepped on the mat first, so they had priority. It was clear they were going to U-Turn a team because of their penalty, and as soon as Kent yelled ‘We’re the first ones here!’ I knew who they were going to U-Turn. And I think Jaime and Cara knew too, since they desperately tried to persuade them to ‘do the Globetrotters!’

I have to say, watching someone U-Turn you right in front of your eyes… ouch. Objectively speaking, that was the right move for Kent and Vyxsin and I probably would have done the same thing. Subjectively speaking, I am now rooting against them. I hope they get eliminated next! 🙂




Isn’t it ironic how past experiences seem to be haunting the teams? First, Amanda and Kris got eliminated because of a U-Turn, just like in their first season. Then, Mel and Mike had to give up because of fatigue/heath (which I think was also an issue the leg they got lost). Now, Jaime and Cara again had bad luck with the cab driver, irritating Jaime yet again. I’m glad I got to see another one of her ‘speeches’ for what it probably was the last time: ‘Go, go, go! Faster, faster, faster!’ she told her driver.

The Roadblock seemed very hard: building a life size dinosaur. Gary and Mallory arrived last at the task, so they decided to use the Express Pass. That was the right thing to do and I got all excited because I thought for sure they will win this leg.

And yet it was the Cowboys who jumped ahead of them and won 5,000 $ each. I’m glad they finally won something, because I was beginning to worry that they may have lost that something that made them so likable in their original season. For the 24th time, Gary and Mallory checked in second place.



Jaime and Cara were the 3rd eliminated team.‘And then there were three…’


Those three teams being Ron and Christina, Zev and Justin and –sadly- Jaime and Cara. Even Kent and Vyxsin managed to finish the task, land in fifth place and avoid elimination. Since Ron and Christina were the only ones I was rooting against (at that time), I hoped they will be the ones sent packing. Still, Christina finished her dinosaur first out of the three teams. Justin soon followed, leaving an exhausted, frustrated Jaime to have to tear her dinosaur apart and start all over. It makes me feel better to say I knew she won’t give up. Even though I knew this was the end for them, I couldn’t help but hope for a non-elimination leg until the last second. In the end though, they were eliminated.

If you didn’t figure it out by now, I’m sad they went home so early. And the fact that CBS has decided not to have ‘Elimination Station’ videos doesn’t make me too happy either.

Thoughts on this episode?

Survivor:’Two dead ducks’

Last night’s episode of Survivor was pretty predictable overall, but I still enjoyed it. Redemption Island Duels are definitely more entertaining than the simple Reward Challenges; there’s so much more at stake than a tarp.

The pre-duel scenes didn’t teach us anything new. We’ve already known Philip is annoying and Krista and Stephanie are incapable of bonding with the Zapatera tribe. It’s pretty laughable they’re hoping to flip at the merge, since they’re only two and the merge still is out of reach.


The Cube


As soon as I saw what the Duel was, I knew Matt was going to win. There was no way Kristina would be able to concentrate after carrying those heavy puzzle pieces. Still, the conversation between Rob and Matt was hilarious. It was also pointless, since Rob didn’t reveal anything. Unlike Stephanie, who as soon as the Duel was over stated she and Krista will flip at the merge. I’m sorry, how is that going to help the other tribe? And are you so sure you’re going to be around at the merge? And what if you get in with an alliance until then? In the case of Stephanie and Krista that is highly improbable but this is Survivor: anything might happen. So be careful what you promise; you’re not going to get jury votes if you won’t stay true to your word.

To be honest, I liked both Matt and Kristina so I would have been just as sad if Matt lost. It was sad to watch Kristina drop her buff in the fire. “Do I have to?” she asked Probst. I think it’s quite unfair; why do contestants have to burn their buffs?




Another sad painful thing to watch was Philip hunting crabs. It’s still ridiculous, even though it’s the 753rd time we see him do it. I have to give him so points for trying to strategize and form an alliance with Andrea. Will it work? Andrea seems pretty irritated with Natalie and Ashley, so who knows? And if Matt reenters the game…

When Stephanie and Krista returned from the Duel, they also talked about how they were going to advance in the game. They hoped they would keep winning challenges and flip at the merge. Best strategy ever, right? No. The tribes usually merge when there are 12 to 10 contestants left. At this point, there are 15 left, including Matt.

Apart from that, they complained about Russell being voted out ‘for no reason’. Riiiight. Bad Zapatera tribe!


Search for coffee


This was the second episode in which Julie talked to the camera about how she’s superstitious and how she hopes throwing the challenge didn’t bring bad karma. For me, that meant Zapatera was going to lose. And when they chose Stephanie as their caller, their fate was sealed. It was already established David is probably the best at puzzles from the Zapatera tribe. As annoying as Stephanie might be, she made the challenge funnier than it might have been otherwise. “Ralph, it’s your turn! Are you listening?”

With the help of Rob, Ometepe won the challenge, Immunity, a basket full of donuts and jars with coffee beans. And an Idol clue, hidden in the one of the jars. The way Rob and Grant teamed up to get that clue and Rob played Grant by giving him the original clue was awesome. Remember how NaOnka and Kelly B. battled for the clue in front of the entire tribe last season? Hopefully they watched the episode and learned a few tricks.


Not a happy family


Things heated up when the Zapatera tribe returned to their beach. People argued David should have been the caller; he’s great at puzzles. And I agree they should have chosen him. But at the same time, the way he went off was horrible to watch. Up until now, I really liked the guy, but I’m not so sure anymore. His ‘there’s no ‘but’, end of story’ attitude is not one I particularly admire.

There was no secret the vote was going to be between Krista and Stephanie. What surprised me was that they didn’t try to scramble at all. Instead, Stephanie complained about how the

The dumb-ass people of Zapatera voted Krista out!

other tribe members are so stupid. Well then, you surely can make them change their mind, right? Isn’t it your job, as the one on the chopping block, to present the other players opportunities so that they want to keep you around? Not that it would have mattered; nothing was going to save them.

At Tribal Council, Krista tried to stir the pot and instead she didn’t make sense. Explain to me how would you [Krista], Stephanie and David be ‘a big four’. In a 6-2 vote, Krista was voted out and sent to Redemption Island. No loss really, I always felt she never thought for herself and made emotional speeches borrowing ideal from Russell or Stephanie.

The preview at the end of the episode shows Matt potentially having problems with the next Duel. It would be ironic if Krista was the one to beat him, after all his impressive victories. What do you think? Does Krista stand a chance? Is Matt in trouble? Did you enjoyed the episode?

‘You don’t know what I wanna say right now!’

“This race is going to be very, very different” is what Phil told the Amazing Race teams at the Start Line, a few legs back. If you, like me, thought that was just his usual dramatic talk, then this latest episode came like a face palm to you.


Positive Mental Attitude?


Kent and Vyxsin missed their flight.

Nine teams found out they had to fly to China, which meant Ron and Christina would have the language advantage. But this was not the

first time some of the teams headed to China. The

remaining teams from Season 14 spent 3 legs there during their original season. And a lot happened then; Jaime’s temper erupted like never before; Jen and Kisha actually were

eliminated and Jen called Luke a bitch. Four seasons later, she apologizes in front of the camera. Did I mention I love those girls?

What was just a ride to the airport turned out to be a huge challenge for one team. Kent and Vyxsin took forever to find their car and then went in the wrong direction for hours, withVyxsin breaking down. They started the leg at 11:33 PM, with the required flight to China departing at 9:50 AM. I thought there was no reason for the producers to try and make it look like they might miss the flight. There was just no way that was going to happen, I thought.

And what do you know? Ken and Vyxsin did miss the flight. That was their mistake number one. I’m sorry, but how can you do that? Have you not ran this Race before?


Buddha challenged the Zodiac animals to a Race.


Meanwhile, all the other teams managed to catch that plane and arrive in Lijiang, China, with Ron and Christina in the lead. Luckily, the shuttle bus that had to transport them to the next location wouldn’t leave until 8 in the morning, which gave everyone else (except the Goths) a chance to catch up.

Do you remember the Detour in Leg 2? The one everyone did at the same time? Well this leg’s Roadblock was pretty much the same. After successfully riding a yak, the teams rode a gondola to Spruce Meadow, 3 miles above sea level.

The Roadblock was probably my favorite so far. It was a ‘needle in the haystack’ type of challenge; teams had to search through tens of thousands of charms for the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac and put them in the correct order. The myth Phil said before explaining the challenge was awesome.

Everyone did pretty well at the Roadblock (Mallory finished first, I want to mention it). Everyone except Zev; he couldn’t find the Rabbit Charm and got ultra frustrated, instead of keep searching. What was that? Now, this may be because he has Aperger’s, I have no idea. So if that’s the case, I’m not complaining. But they lost so much time even Kent and Vyxsin caught up.

Luckily for him, Vyxsin also struggled with the task. She broke down again – mistake number two. She lost so much time complaining and crying and moaning about how she’s stupid. Kent kept his cool, though. Kudos to him!


Nom nom nom


OK, anybody who is not annoyed by Ron raise your hand up. Nobody? What a shocker. He and Christina took a shuttle instead of a bus after the Roadblock, which took them to the wrong place. This resulted in Ron acting like an insane person.

In the most unfortunate twist of fate, one of the buses actually stopped for them. No, no, no, no, no! Oh dear God, Globetrotters! Why would you stop for them, are they such a nice team to be around? And I just began to like you…

Those buses took the teams to the Old Town Lijiang, where the Detour took place. Again, almost all teams chose the same side of the Detour, meaning they had to pulverize candy with a hammer. Interesting and yummy!

Of course Ron had to act like a child during the Detour. All he could think of was food. He wanted to stop and eat fish. He wanted to eat the candy while they were making it. I think the last thing on his mind was that he was running the Amazing Race? You know, for the second time? He’s so ungrateful and it’s such a shame that team’s doing so well.




What will happen to Zev and Justin next week?

In the end, it was Margie and Luke who arrived at the Pit Stop first and won a trip to Aruba. But are you ready for it? Are you ready for it, Margie and Luke? Well you’d better be,

because you are still racing!

Their faces when Phil told them that were priceless and seeing the Pit Stop lady giggle made my day. Still, I literally could not believe what Phil had said. Yep, this is a very different season of The Amazing Race. We’re four episodes in and we’ve only lost two teams. We still don’t know who arrived in last this leg; Zev and Justin or Kent and Vyxsin? We don’t know ifthe Goths got a penalty for taking another flight than the required one.

And there are more surprises in store next week, as the teams will face a Double U-Turn. Quite a few teams seem eager to use it, so it will to be interesting to see who gets U-Turned.

Gary and Mallory are a target since they have the Express Pass. But let me say it right now: I will forever hate Margie and Luke if they are the ones to U-turn them. If other teams do it, I think I will be able to live with it, because the U-Turn is a tool. But Mallory helped Luke at that Roadblock. She helped him found a lot of charms, so Heaven forbid he does anything stupid.

What did you think of this episode? Wasn’t it crazy as hell?

Survivor:’Brand new for you: you are out of this game!’

… 😀

Didn’t you just love last night’s episode of Survivor: Redemption Island? Or at least a particular five minute fragment? I know I did.

Last week, Russell was voted out of the episode, as fans everywhere applauded. So this week’s episode started with Russell arriving at Redemption Island and meeting Matt. The first thing Russell does is complain to the camera about how he hates his tribe and how Francesca would have been easier to beat. I’m sorry, but I’m not seeing the logic behind that, since she would have had to beat Matt in order to stay.

At Ometepe Phillip is still annoying everybody. He went hunting for crabs, again. He wondered around in his pink briefs, which disgusted anybody. And after that he said nobody understands him and he’ll win a million dollars. Yeah, that is so likely to happen…

At Zapatera Stephanie and Krista strongly believe Russell will ‘kill it’ at Redemption Island and still want to find the Idol. It’s sort of sad to watch them say that, since they are the only two who don’t know Ralph has it.


Good vs. Evil (again)


Sarita, Ralph, Phillip and Kristina are the ones who volunteered to go to Redemption Island and watch the Duel; Duel which basically involved building a domino row. It may not sound very entertaining, but I was nervous before Matt and Russell even began the challenge. Like pretty much everyone at the Arena, I was rooting for Matt and my heart stood still when he failed in his first attempt. And then Russell gave it ago… and he fell short as well! So Matt tries again…and he succeeds! He wins the Duel! Which means Russell is out of the game for good! Sweet!

But then Russell started crying and Sarita looked almost as if she was starting to feel sorry for him. If I was there, I would have probably laughed in his face. Still, crying wasn’t enough; he revealed everything he knows about Zapatera to Former Special Agent Phillip. And Ralph helped him, by stating he has the Idol. He even wanted to show it to everybody, but thankfully Sarita stopped him. Why would you do something stupid like that, Ralph? You already told six people about it, isn’t that enough?


Idol, Idol, where’re you at?


Meanwhile at Ometepe, Rob is planning this massive distraction to get everybody out of camp so he can look for the Immunity Idol. He made up this ‘Royal Treatment Game’ and then said he was constipated and went digging around pretty much every tree. Was it worth it? Yes, because he found the Idol. I’d say his game so far has been pretty much flawless. Yet, I have mixed feelings about it, because it’s not like he’s playing against other players who’ve been there three times.

When Phillip returned to camp, he had this weird plan that I did not understand at all. Bottom line is that now every person in that tribe knows he can’t be trusted and wants him out. Perfect, I thought, just get rid of him already.

Not much happened at Zapatera, except that Stephanie was pretty much digging her own grave as well. Even after Russell was voted out, instead of trying to do anything to save herself, she just kept on bitching about how they threw out the challenge. That’s going to get you so far, girl!


Craftman’s tools


The Reward/Immunity challenge was pretty awesome, again. The tribes had to release and use a crowbar, shovel, axe, two saws and a hammer in various tasks. They were playing for BBQ, in addition to Immunity.

I thought it went much like the first one; Zapatera had an early lead which they steadily increased. Ometepe sort of caught up at the end, only to lose again. Ralph then acted like a rooster again. I like this tribe very much. 😀 And now everybody has a full belly and is probably in love with each other for a few hours. Great!


The Sheppard’s Stamp


Ometepe has to decide who to get rid of and it’s between Phillip and Kristina. The obvious choice seems to be Phillip. He apparently thought Ashley and Natalie aren’t capable of pouring water themselves and wanted to do it for them. And when they refused, he commented ‘I gotta see this’. The looks on Ashley, Natalie and then Kristina’s faces were a treat. They cracked me up and I thought for sure, he’s going to go home.

And you know what? That might just have been the case, if Kristina would have shut up. She started talking about how she thinks somebody has found the clue from the previous Reward. Rob, obviously, saw that as a threat and I agree with him, to a point. So now he wants Kristina to go home and the votes will again be split. I’m kind of getting tired of this strategy.

At Tribal Council, not much was said (if you can believe it). It was just Kristina and Phillip going at each other’s throats. I thought Kristina did a more decent job than Phillip and I hoped the tribe would spare her, for at least one more Tribal. But in the end, she was voted out. And Phillip lives to see another day, and that annoys me beyond limits.

I am getting sick of seeing and hearing him; he’s like the unfunny, annoying version of Coach. Honestly, I don’t know why Rob stressed so much over Kristina. She’s sneaky and that’s

Can Kristina survive a Redemption Island Duel?

dangerous, I agree. But at the same time, she’s one. And she doesn’t even have the Idol. He has it, plus four other people who pretty much do anything and everything he orders. So… I

just don’t get it, why he made such a big deal out of it.

Who do you think will win the next Duel? Does Kristina have an advantage because she, unlike Russell, saw a Duel taking place before competing in one? I for one would like to see her win. But I’m not getting my hopes up. 😛

Apart from Kristina leaving, I really enjoyed this episode. It may very well have been the best so far. Right?

The Amazing Race: ‘Sometimes you have to give up’

So I’m really sick and I’m going to do this recap quite differently. I’m going to talk a little bit about how each team performed overall during this Leg of the Race. Hopefully, by next week I’ll be able to write the ‘usual’ recap.

Zev and Justin: These two are turning out to be a real threat. They landed in first for the second time in a row, despite being on the flight that had a one hour delay. However, I still don’t like them that much. They have all these little jokes that I don’t quite get… plus they’ve lost their passports in their first season. Yeah, I’m not over it. Still, I’m making progress, I think.


Gary and Mallory: I am so happy these guys are doing so well. Despite his age, Gary has pretty much proven to us he can do anything. And Mallory…well, Mallory. Even when she’s covered in three layers of mud she’s still smiling. The fact that they weren’t told about the ‘earlier’ flight actually worked for them, since they checked in second.


Ron and Christina: These guys initially arrived fourth, but they moaned to Phil about how the Globetrotters took their fanny pack. And so the Globetrotters were penalized for this and they moved up to the third place. I guess that was the fair thing to do (even though another thing that ‘delayed us significantly’ was Ron failing to see the fanny pack right in front of him), but Ron is so unlikable. So unlikable. I genuinely feel sorry for Christina. Even in this leg, when a woman kindly told them how to get to the Roadblock, he commented ‘we might get screwed because of her inaptitude’. And judging from next episode’s sneak peek, he’s going to lose his mind entirely.


Jen and Kisha: I am impressed with them. I don’t know what to write about them though; they didn’t make any noticeable mistakes or spectacular moves this leg. They have been consistent so far and I’d like to see them last for a while. They came in fourth.


Flight Time and Big Easy: They definitely entertained me this week more than in the previous two legs. As far as I can remember, they are the one of only two teams who chose the ‘Purity’ side of the Detour. And they were hilarious mumbling/speaking Japanese (I can’t really tell which one was it). Also, when Big Easy fell in that lake and screamed ‘I want my mama right now’? Awesome. 😀


Jet and Cord: I really liked the Cowboys in their first season, but now they seem to be trying their hardest to disappoint me. After a disastrous first leg of the race, they got lost again. I don’t remember them being so bad with directions before, so what’s happened? Apart from that they did pretty well. Since the Roadblock involved shooting with a bow, they finished it quickly. They also found their frog fast, even though Cord seemed to think it was alive. But them getting lost did cost them, as they only came in sixth.


Kent and Vyxsin: This episode, Kent put on his cowboy hat to show Jet and Cord he’s a cowboy at heart, also. This wasn’t their episode either, though. I’m not a fan yet, but at least I don’t have anything against them anymore.


Margie and Luke: This episode reminded us they are not so keen on sharing information. They didn’t tell Gary and Mallory about the first flight and even went as far as to leave their long time allies Jaime and Cara behind. I wasn’t really proud of them; but I’m hoping this will change soon. Overall, I feel they are struggling a bit this time around. This leg saw their worst placement so far – eight.

The second team eliminated from the Race - Mel and Mike


Jaime and Cara: I was nervous the entire episode because of their accident (which thank God wasn’t as serious as I thought). Seeing they actually managed to stay in the Race filled

my heart with glee. I would have been so frustrated, had they been eliminated this leg. But all my five favorite teams are still in the Race. Yay!


Mel and Mike: In the end, the father/son duo came in last and was eliminated. This was bound to happen in the first few legs; Mel was probably the oldest contestant of the season. And for me, it couldn’t have come at a better time. It came down to either them or the cheerleaders; I think the girls are more entertaining.

So that’s all for now. What did you think of this episode?

Survivor: ‘Biggest blindside ever!’


Did you watch Survivor last night? The Greatest Survivor Player in History, the schoolboy who’s bringing it this time around, the King of Immunity Idols, otherwise known as Russell Hantz was voted out of Survivor. Oh, the joy, the glee, the fire that lit up inside me when Jeff said ‘Russell, your tribe has spoken!’

Major props go to Julie, who I now adore. I really thought she would go with Russell, especially since in her pre season video she confessed to liking him. So when she casted her vote for Stephanie, I basically started shouting and doing the happy dance. I guess this is how men who watch football react when their favorite team scores!

But until then, I’ll go through the rest of the episode.


First Duel!


Going into the episode, I was really looking forward to the first Redemption Island Duel. From promos I saw, I thought the whole tribes would witness the Duel, but it turned out only two players from each tribe got that chance. Which I think is a thousand times better than having the whole tribes there. This time it was Andrea and Ashley for Ometepe and Steve and David for Zapatera.

The Duel itself was awesome and very Survivor like. Though, if the contestants had been asked to plant flowers, I think I would have loved it just as much. The actual challenge was building a stick long enough to reach three keys, then unlock their corresponding locks, open a door and stay in the game.

In the beginning, it looked like Francesca was going to win, since she got two of her keys while Matt’s stick kept falling apart. But what do you know, Matt managed to catch up and beat Francesca. She became the first person to leave Survivor: Redemption Island for good. I’m not going to lie, I was sad to see her go. Had she managed to slither back into the game, she would have definitely been a funny, likable player.

When David and Steve returned to Zapatera, they told Russell Francesca had won the duel. They had wanted to get rid of him forever and they thought he would have a shock seeing Matt instead of Francesca.

Now, as you may have guessed from my previous posts, I’m not a Russell fan. I can’t stand him. So even though I was sad about Francesca leaving the game, the idea of getting rid of Russell made me feel better for a few seconds. And then they revealed they wanted to throw the challenge in order to do it. I honestly didn’t think it was a great idea. Remember the Drake tribe, back in The Pearl Islands?


To throw the challenge or not to throw the challenge?


The fact that the Zapatera Six decided to throw the challenge only after they’ve seen what it was, by showing one thumb was pretty funny. Challenge which I was not so happy with, since it was from Nicaragua. I didn’t need a reminder of that season just yet!

There were a few funny moments with Russell trying to encourage his teammates when nobody was listening. I loved that part of the challenge, but I think that’s about it. The challenge itself is pretty cool, but again, it’s from Nicaragua. And Zapatera was trying to lose, so how exciting could it have been?

Since the teams also played for Reward, a clue to the Hidden Idol came with the comfort items and Rob was on the lookout for it. I am really impressed with how well that guy plays the game; but again, he’s playing for the fourth time and with newcomers.

If it wasn’t for Phillip (I hate you for voting out Francesca!), Rob wouldn’t have found the clue. By the way, am I the only one who thinks the clue was much better hidden than when Zapatera won the Reward? Either way, Rob found the clue, but not the Idol. At least, not yet. Can he find it or will Kristina run into it again?


‘The biggest blindside EVER!’


At Zapatera, everything seemed to be clear. They were splitting the votes (already the second time this happened) and getting rid of either Russell or Stephenie. Awesome, I thought. If only it would work.

I have to say, I am glad we got some time with Zapatera. I had a feeling there were interesting players there too. Let’s just say I have more reasons now to like Sarita than because of her witchy appearance. 😀

I was also pleasantly surprised with Stephenie, at first. She came up with the idea of the fake idol. And when they lost the challenge, she tried to lure Julie in to voting with her, Russell

See ya never, Russell!

and Krista. As I already said, I thought she managed to convince her. (Thank the Lord I was wrong!)

At Tribal Council, however, she annoyed me beyond limits. She went on a huge rant about how awesome Russell is, interrupting everybody just to praise the guy. And she got the attitude. Her face when the votes were being read was priceless, though. So confident the last vote would be for Ralph, she was already smiling and preparing her ‘Ha! In your face!’ look.

And then the last vote read… STEPHENIE. Oh yeah! Julie wickedly smiled and then I think we all knew Russell was gone. I didn’t even care much about her ‘Storm’s a coming’ comment or Russell’s threat for when he’ll come back.

Yeah, I guess there’s a good chance he may come back, since Matt doesn’t give me the impression of being very motivated to want to stay in the game. Still, I’ll be rooting for him next week.

And right now, let’s just enjoy the fact he’s been voted out. This also proves the point many people (myself included) had made, that the reason he made it to the end in Heroes vs Villains was mainly due to the fact nobody has seen his previous season.

Even if we’ve lost Francesca this episode, I loved it. For obvious reasons! 😀

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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