Survivor: ‘Biggest blindside ever!’


Did you watch Survivor last night? The Greatest Survivor Player in History, the schoolboy who’s bringing it this time around, the King of Immunity Idols, otherwise known as Russell Hantz was voted out of Survivor. Oh, the joy, the glee, the fire that lit up inside me when Jeff said ‘Russell, your tribe has spoken!’

Major props go to Julie, who I now adore. I really thought she would go with Russell, especially since in her pre season video she confessed to liking him. So when she casted her vote for Stephanie, I basically started shouting and doing the happy dance. I guess this is how men who watch football react when their favorite team scores!

But until then, I’ll go through the rest of the episode.


First Duel!


Going into the episode, I was really looking forward to the first Redemption Island Duel. From promos I saw, I thought the whole tribes would witness the Duel, but it turned out only two players from each tribe got that chance. Which I think is a thousand times better than having the whole tribes there. This time it was Andrea and Ashley for Ometepe and Steve and David for Zapatera.

The Duel itself was awesome and very Survivor like. Though, if the contestants had been asked to plant flowers, I think I would have loved it just as much. The actual challenge was building a stick long enough to reach three keys, then unlock their corresponding locks, open a door and stay in the game.

In the beginning, it looked like Francesca was going to win, since she got two of her keys while Matt’s stick kept falling apart. But what do you know, Matt managed to catch up and beat Francesca. She became the first person to leave Survivor: Redemption Island for good. I’m not going to lie, I was sad to see her go. Had she managed to slither back into the game, she would have definitely been a funny, likable player.

When David and Steve returned to Zapatera, they told Russell Francesca had won the duel. They had wanted to get rid of him forever and they thought he would have a shock seeing Matt instead of Francesca.

Now, as you may have guessed from my previous posts, I’m not a Russell fan. I can’t stand him. So even though I was sad about Francesca leaving the game, the idea of getting rid of Russell made me feel better for a few seconds. And then they revealed they wanted to throw the challenge in order to do it. I honestly didn’t think it was a great idea. Remember the Drake tribe, back in The Pearl Islands?


To throw the challenge or not to throw the challenge?


The fact that the Zapatera Six decided to throw the challenge only after they’ve seen what it was, by showing one thumb was pretty funny. Challenge which I was not so happy with, since it was from Nicaragua. I didn’t need a reminder of that season just yet!

There were a few funny moments with Russell trying to encourage his teammates when nobody was listening. I loved that part of the challenge, but I think that’s about it. The challenge itself is pretty cool, but again, it’s from Nicaragua. And Zapatera was trying to lose, so how exciting could it have been?

Since the teams also played for Reward, a clue to the Hidden Idol came with the comfort items and Rob was on the lookout for it. I am really impressed with how well that guy plays the game; but again, he’s playing for the fourth time and with newcomers.

If it wasn’t for Phillip (I hate you for voting out Francesca!), Rob wouldn’t have found the clue. By the way, am I the only one who thinks the clue was much better hidden than when Zapatera won the Reward? Either way, Rob found the clue, but not the Idol. At least, not yet. Can he find it or will Kristina run into it again?


‘The biggest blindside EVER!’


At Zapatera, everything seemed to be clear. They were splitting the votes (already the second time this happened) and getting rid of either Russell or Stephenie. Awesome, I thought. If only it would work.

I have to say, I am glad we got some time with Zapatera. I had a feeling there were interesting players there too. Let’s just say I have more reasons now to like Sarita than because of her witchy appearance. 😀

I was also pleasantly surprised with Stephenie, at first. She came up with the idea of the fake idol. And when they lost the challenge, she tried to lure Julie in to voting with her, Russell

See ya never, Russell!

and Krista. As I already said, I thought she managed to convince her. (Thank the Lord I was wrong!)

At Tribal Council, however, she annoyed me beyond limits. She went on a huge rant about how awesome Russell is, interrupting everybody just to praise the guy. And she got the attitude. Her face when the votes were being read was priceless, though. So confident the last vote would be for Ralph, she was already smiling and preparing her ‘Ha! In your face!’ look.

And then the last vote read… STEPHENIE. Oh yeah! Julie wickedly smiled and then I think we all knew Russell was gone. I didn’t even care much about her ‘Storm’s a coming’ comment or Russell’s threat for when he’ll come back.

Yeah, I guess there’s a good chance he may come back, since Matt doesn’t give me the impression of being very motivated to want to stay in the game. Still, I’ll be rooting for him next week.

And right now, let’s just enjoy the fact he’s been voted out. This also proves the point many people (myself included) had made, that the reason he made it to the end in Heroes vs Villains was mainly due to the fact nobody has seen his previous season.

Even if we’ve lost Francesca this episode, I loved it. For obvious reasons! 😀

Share your thoughts in the comments!


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