The Amazing Race: ‘Sometimes you have to give up’

So I’m really sick and I’m going to do this recap quite differently. I’m going to talk a little bit about how each team performed overall during this Leg of the Race. Hopefully, by next week I’ll be able to write the ‘usual’ recap.

Zev and Justin: These two are turning out to be a real threat. They landed in first for the second time in a row, despite being on the flight that had a one hour delay. However, I still don’t like them that much. They have all these little jokes that I don’t quite get… plus they’ve lost their passports in their first season. Yeah, I’m not over it. Still, I’m making progress, I think.


Gary and Mallory: I am so happy these guys are doing so well. Despite his age, Gary has pretty much proven to us he can do anything. And Mallory…well, Mallory. Even when she’s covered in three layers of mud she’s still smiling. The fact that they weren’t told about the ‘earlier’ flight actually worked for them, since they checked in second.


Ron and Christina: These guys initially arrived fourth, but they moaned to Phil about how the Globetrotters took their fanny pack. And so the Globetrotters were penalized for this and they moved up to the third place. I guess that was the fair thing to do (even though another thing that ‘delayed us significantly’ was Ron failing to see the fanny pack right in front of him), but Ron is so unlikable. So unlikable. I genuinely feel sorry for Christina. Even in this leg, when a woman kindly told them how to get to the Roadblock, he commented ‘we might get screwed because of her inaptitude’. And judging from next episode’s sneak peek, he’s going to lose his mind entirely.


Jen and Kisha: I am impressed with them. I don’t know what to write about them though; they didn’t make any noticeable mistakes or spectacular moves this leg. They have been consistent so far and I’d like to see them last for a while. They came in fourth.


Flight Time and Big Easy: They definitely entertained me this week more than in the previous two legs. As far as I can remember, they are the one of only two teams who chose the ‘Purity’ side of the Detour. And they were hilarious mumbling/speaking Japanese (I can’t really tell which one was it). Also, when Big Easy fell in that lake and screamed ‘I want my mama right now’? Awesome. 😀


Jet and Cord: I really liked the Cowboys in their first season, but now they seem to be trying their hardest to disappoint me. After a disastrous first leg of the race, they got lost again. I don’t remember them being so bad with directions before, so what’s happened? Apart from that they did pretty well. Since the Roadblock involved shooting with a bow, they finished it quickly. They also found their frog fast, even though Cord seemed to think it was alive. But them getting lost did cost them, as they only came in sixth.


Kent and Vyxsin: This episode, Kent put on his cowboy hat to show Jet and Cord he’s a cowboy at heart, also. This wasn’t their episode either, though. I’m not a fan yet, but at least I don’t have anything against them anymore.


Margie and Luke: This episode reminded us they are not so keen on sharing information. They didn’t tell Gary and Mallory about the first flight and even went as far as to leave their long time allies Jaime and Cara behind. I wasn’t really proud of them; but I’m hoping this will change soon. Overall, I feel they are struggling a bit this time around. This leg saw their worst placement so far – eight.

The second team eliminated from the Race - Mel and Mike


Jaime and Cara: I was nervous the entire episode because of their accident (which thank God wasn’t as serious as I thought). Seeing they actually managed to stay in the Race filled

my heart with glee. I would have been so frustrated, had they been eliminated this leg. But all my five favorite teams are still in the Race. Yay!


Mel and Mike: In the end, the father/son duo came in last and was eliminated. This was bound to happen in the first few legs; Mel was probably the oldest contestant of the season. And for me, it couldn’t have come at a better time. It came down to either them or the cheerleaders; I think the girls are more entertaining.

So that’s all for now. What did you think of this episode?


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  1. You and I differ in our love for the Cheerleaders, I just do not care for them, I’m not sure why though. I am glad Mel and Mike went out more for his safety than anything. I was afraid he was really going to get hurt.
    Ron is a trainwreck.. I just don’t even want to watch him, he’s so mean and hurtful. I feel very sorry for Christina. Who is her fiance? I didn’t remember him.

    I’m not loving the cowboys as much as their first season. Right now Zev and Justin are my number one team.. Gary and Mallory a close 2nd.. although there isn’t anyone that I totally don’t like.

    • Yeah, I think I’m pretty much the only person who likes the Cheerleaders. 😦
      But i wasn’t afraid about Mel’s safety; I think the producers would have shown it in promos and made a big deal out of it.

      Christina’s fiance is Azaria, he ran the race with his sister, Hendekea(?) and were eliminated when it came down to 6 teams. They won two or three legs and I remember I really liked them. 😀

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