Survivor:’Brand new for you: you are out of this game!’

… 😀

Didn’t you just love last night’s episode of Survivor: Redemption Island? Or at least a particular five minute fragment? I know I did.

Last week, Russell was voted out of the episode, as fans everywhere applauded. So this week’s episode started with Russell arriving at Redemption Island and meeting Matt. The first thing Russell does is complain to the camera about how he hates his tribe and how Francesca would have been easier to beat. I’m sorry, but I’m not seeing the logic behind that, since she would have had to beat Matt in order to stay.

At Ometepe Phillip is still annoying everybody. He went hunting for crabs, again. He wondered around in his pink briefs, which disgusted anybody. And after that he said nobody understands him and he’ll win a million dollars. Yeah, that is so likely to happen…

At Zapatera Stephanie and Krista strongly believe Russell will ‘kill it’ at Redemption Island and still want to find the Idol. It’s sort of sad to watch them say that, since they are the only two who don’t know Ralph has it.


Good vs. Evil (again)


Sarita, Ralph, Phillip and Kristina are the ones who volunteered to go to Redemption Island and watch the Duel; Duel which basically involved building a domino row. It may not sound very entertaining, but I was nervous before Matt and Russell even began the challenge. Like pretty much everyone at the Arena, I was rooting for Matt and my heart stood still when he failed in his first attempt. And then Russell gave it ago… and he fell short as well! So Matt tries again…and he succeeds! He wins the Duel! Which means Russell is out of the game for good! Sweet!

But then Russell started crying and Sarita looked almost as if she was starting to feel sorry for him. If I was there, I would have probably laughed in his face. Still, crying wasn’t enough; he revealed everything he knows about Zapatera to Former Special Agent Phillip. And Ralph helped him, by stating he has the Idol. He even wanted to show it to everybody, but thankfully Sarita stopped him. Why would you do something stupid like that, Ralph? You already told six people about it, isn’t that enough?


Idol, Idol, where’re you at?


Meanwhile at Ometepe, Rob is planning this massive distraction to get everybody out of camp so he can look for the Immunity Idol. He made up this ‘Royal Treatment Game’ and then said he was constipated and went digging around pretty much every tree. Was it worth it? Yes, because he found the Idol. I’d say his game so far has been pretty much flawless. Yet, I have mixed feelings about it, because it’s not like he’s playing against other players who’ve been there three times.

When Phillip returned to camp, he had this weird plan that I did not understand at all. Bottom line is that now every person in that tribe knows he can’t be trusted and wants him out. Perfect, I thought, just get rid of him already.

Not much happened at Zapatera, except that Stephanie was pretty much digging her own grave as well. Even after Russell was voted out, instead of trying to do anything to save herself, she just kept on bitching about how they threw out the challenge. That’s going to get you so far, girl!


Craftman’s tools


The Reward/Immunity challenge was pretty awesome, again. The tribes had to release and use a crowbar, shovel, axe, two saws and a hammer in various tasks. They were playing for BBQ, in addition to Immunity.

I thought it went much like the first one; Zapatera had an early lead which they steadily increased. Ometepe sort of caught up at the end, only to lose again. Ralph then acted like a rooster again. I like this tribe very much. 😀 And now everybody has a full belly and is probably in love with each other for a few hours. Great!


The Sheppard’s Stamp


Ometepe has to decide who to get rid of and it’s between Phillip and Kristina. The obvious choice seems to be Phillip. He apparently thought Ashley and Natalie aren’t capable of pouring water themselves and wanted to do it for them. And when they refused, he commented ‘I gotta see this’. The looks on Ashley, Natalie and then Kristina’s faces were a treat. They cracked me up and I thought for sure, he’s going to go home.

And you know what? That might just have been the case, if Kristina would have shut up. She started talking about how she thinks somebody has found the clue from the previous Reward. Rob, obviously, saw that as a threat and I agree with him, to a point. So now he wants Kristina to go home and the votes will again be split. I’m kind of getting tired of this strategy.

At Tribal Council, not much was said (if you can believe it). It was just Kristina and Phillip going at each other’s throats. I thought Kristina did a more decent job than Phillip and I hoped the tribe would spare her, for at least one more Tribal. But in the end, she was voted out. And Phillip lives to see another day, and that annoys me beyond limits.

I am getting sick of seeing and hearing him; he’s like the unfunny, annoying version of Coach. Honestly, I don’t know why Rob stressed so much over Kristina. She’s sneaky and that’s

Can Kristina survive a Redemption Island Duel?

dangerous, I agree. But at the same time, she’s one. And she doesn’t even have the Idol. He has it, plus four other people who pretty much do anything and everything he orders. So… I

just don’t get it, why he made such a big deal out of it.

Who do you think will win the next Duel? Does Kristina have an advantage because she, unlike Russell, saw a Duel taking place before competing in one? I for one would like to see her win. But I’m not getting my hopes up. 😛

Apart from Kristina leaving, I really enjoyed this episode. It may very well have been the best so far. Right?


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  1. I loved Russel getting the Heave outta there.. and I loved Rob finding the idol.. the part that made me mad though was Ralph spilling the beans about the idol.. he would have been better to keep his yap shut. I tell you what.. the smartest player in this game right now is Rob.. took him long enough 😉

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