‘You don’t know what I wanna say right now!’

“This race is going to be very, very different” is what Phil told the Amazing Race teams at the Start Line, a few legs back. If you, like me, thought that was just his usual dramatic talk, then this latest episode came like a face palm to you.


Positive Mental Attitude?


Kent and Vyxsin missed their flight.

Nine teams found out they had to fly to China, which meant Ron and Christina would have the language advantage. But this was not the

first time some of the teams headed to China. The

remaining teams from Season 14 spent 3 legs there during their original season. And a lot happened then; Jaime’s temper erupted like never before; Jen and Kisha actually were

eliminated and Jen called Luke a bitch. Four seasons later, she apologizes in front of the camera. Did I mention I love those girls?

What was just a ride to the airport turned out to be a huge challenge for one team. Kent and Vyxsin took forever to find their car and then went in the wrong direction for hours, withVyxsin breaking down. They started the leg at 11:33 PM, with the required flight to China departing at 9:50 AM. I thought there was no reason for the producers to try and make it look like they might miss the flight. There was just no way that was going to happen, I thought.

And what do you know? Ken and Vyxsin did miss the flight. That was their mistake number one. I’m sorry, but how can you do that? Have you not ran this Race before?


Buddha challenged the Zodiac animals to a Race.


Meanwhile, all the other teams managed to catch that plane and arrive in Lijiang, China, with Ron and Christina in the lead. Luckily, the shuttle bus that had to transport them to the next location wouldn’t leave until 8 in the morning, which gave everyone else (except the Goths) a chance to catch up.

Do you remember the Detour in Leg 2? The one everyone did at the same time? Well this leg’s Roadblock was pretty much the same. After successfully riding a yak, the teams rode a gondola to Spruce Meadow, 3 miles above sea level.

The Roadblock was probably my favorite so far. It was a ‘needle in the haystack’ type of challenge; teams had to search through tens of thousands of charms for the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac and put them in the correct order. The myth Phil said before explaining the challenge was awesome.

Everyone did pretty well at the Roadblock (Mallory finished first, I want to mention it). Everyone except Zev; he couldn’t find the Rabbit Charm and got ultra frustrated, instead of keep searching. What was that? Now, this may be because he has Aperger’s, I have no idea. So if that’s the case, I’m not complaining. But they lost so much time even Kent and Vyxsin caught up.

Luckily for him, Vyxsin also struggled with the task. She broke down again – mistake number two. She lost so much time complaining and crying and moaning about how she’s stupid. Kent kept his cool, though. Kudos to him!


Nom nom nom


OK, anybody who is not annoyed by Ron raise your hand up. Nobody? What a shocker. He and Christina took a shuttle instead of a bus after the Roadblock, which took them to the wrong place. This resulted in Ron acting like an insane person.

In the most unfortunate twist of fate, one of the buses actually stopped for them. No, no, no, no, no! Oh dear God, Globetrotters! Why would you stop for them, are they such a nice team to be around? And I just began to like you…

Those buses took the teams to the Old Town Lijiang, where the Detour took place. Again, almost all teams chose the same side of the Detour, meaning they had to pulverize candy with a hammer. Interesting and yummy!

Of course Ron had to act like a child during the Detour. All he could think of was food. He wanted to stop and eat fish. He wanted to eat the candy while they were making it. I think the last thing on his mind was that he was running the Amazing Race? You know, for the second time? He’s so ungrateful and it’s such a shame that team’s doing so well.




What will happen to Zev and Justin next week?

In the end, it was Margie and Luke who arrived at the Pit Stop first and won a trip to Aruba. But are you ready for it? Are you ready for it, Margie and Luke? Well you’d better be,

because you are still racing!

Their faces when Phil told them that were priceless and seeing the Pit Stop lady giggle made my day. Still, I literally could not believe what Phil had said. Yep, this is a very different season of The Amazing Race. We’re four episodes in and we’ve only lost two teams. We still don’t know who arrived in last this leg; Zev and Justin or Kent and Vyxsin? We don’t know ifthe Goths got a penalty for taking another flight than the required one.

And there are more surprises in store next week, as the teams will face a Double U-Turn. Quite a few teams seem eager to use it, so it will to be interesting to see who gets U-Turned.

Gary and Mallory are a target since they have the Express Pass. But let me say it right now: I will forever hate Margie and Luke if they are the ones to U-turn them. If other teams do it, I think I will be able to live with it, because the U-Turn is a tool. But Mallory helped Luke at that Roadblock. She helped him found a lot of charms, so Heaven forbid he does anything stupid.

What did you think of this episode? Wasn’t it crazy as hell?


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  1. Your recaps are awesome.. and I know.. cliffhanger so early in the season! Poooorrrr poor Christina.. and I’m glad the globtrotters stopped.. they paid them back perfectly..

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