Survivor:’Two dead ducks’

Last night’s episode of Survivor was pretty predictable overall, but I still enjoyed it. Redemption Island Duels are definitely more entertaining than the simple Reward Challenges; there’s so much more at stake than a tarp.

The pre-duel scenes didn’t teach us anything new. We’ve already known Philip is annoying and Krista and Stephanie are incapable of bonding with the Zapatera tribe. It’s pretty laughable they’re hoping to flip at the merge, since they’re only two and the merge still is out of reach.


The Cube


As soon as I saw what the Duel was, I knew Matt was going to win. There was no way Kristina would be able to concentrate after carrying those heavy puzzle pieces. Still, the conversation between Rob and Matt was hilarious. It was also pointless, since Rob didn’t reveal anything. Unlike Stephanie, who as soon as the Duel was over stated she and Krista will flip at the merge. I’m sorry, how is that going to help the other tribe? And are you so sure you’re going to be around at the merge? And what if you get in with an alliance until then? In the case of Stephanie and Krista that is highly improbable but this is Survivor: anything might happen. So be careful what you promise; you’re not going to get jury votes if you won’t stay true to your word.

To be honest, I liked both Matt and Kristina so I would have been just as sad if Matt lost. It was sad to watch Kristina drop her buff in the fire. “Do I have to?” she asked Probst. I think it’s quite unfair; why do contestants have to burn their buffs?




Another sad painful thing to watch was Philip hunting crabs. It’s still ridiculous, even though it’s the 753rd time we see him do it. I have to give him so points for trying to strategize and form an alliance with Andrea. Will it work? Andrea seems pretty irritated with Natalie and Ashley, so who knows? And if Matt reenters the game…

When Stephanie and Krista returned from the Duel, they also talked about how they were going to advance in the game. They hoped they would keep winning challenges and flip at the merge. Best strategy ever, right? No. The tribes usually merge when there are 12 to 10 contestants left. At this point, there are 15 left, including Matt.

Apart from that, they complained about Russell being voted out ‘for no reason’. Riiiight. Bad Zapatera tribe!


Search for coffee


This was the second episode in which Julie talked to the camera about how she’s superstitious and how she hopes throwing the challenge didn’t bring bad karma. For me, that meant Zapatera was going to lose. And when they chose Stephanie as their caller, their fate was sealed. It was already established David is probably the best at puzzles from the Zapatera tribe. As annoying as Stephanie might be, she made the challenge funnier than it might have been otherwise. “Ralph, it’s your turn! Are you listening?”

With the help of Rob, Ometepe won the challenge, Immunity, a basket full of donuts and jars with coffee beans. And an Idol clue, hidden in the one of the jars. The way Rob and Grant teamed up to get that clue and Rob played Grant by giving him the original clue was awesome. Remember how NaOnka and Kelly B. battled for the clue in front of the entire tribe last season? Hopefully they watched the episode and learned a few tricks.


Not a happy family


Things heated up when the Zapatera tribe returned to their beach. People argued David should have been the caller; he’s great at puzzles. And I agree they should have chosen him. But at the same time, the way he went off was horrible to watch. Up until now, I really liked the guy, but I’m not so sure anymore. His ‘there’s no ‘but’, end of story’ attitude is not one I particularly admire.

There was no secret the vote was going to be between Krista and Stephanie. What surprised me was that they didn’t try to scramble at all. Instead, Stephanie complained about how the

The dumb-ass people of Zapatera voted Krista out!

other tribe members are so stupid. Well then, you surely can make them change their mind, right? Isn’t it your job, as the one on the chopping block, to present the other players opportunities so that they want to keep you around? Not that it would have mattered; nothing was going to save them.

At Tribal Council, Krista tried to stir the pot and instead she didn’t make sense. Explain to me how would you [Krista], Stephanie and David be ‘a big four’. In a 6-2 vote, Krista was voted out and sent to Redemption Island. No loss really, I always felt she never thought for herself and made emotional speeches borrowing ideal from Russell or Stephanie.

The preview at the end of the episode shows Matt potentially having problems with the next Duel. It would be ironic if Krista was the one to beat him, after all his impressive victories. What do you think? Does Krista stand a chance? Is Matt in trouble? Did you enjoyed the episode?


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