‘A bullet in the Playboy bunny’ :(

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. After four episodes in which they all survived, one of my favorite teams – Jaime and Cara – was eliminated from the Race. Apart from that though, the episode was suspenseful and enjoyable.

It started with Kent and Vyxsin, who after a series of huge mistakes have yet to finish the fourth leg of the Race. And when they did, they received a 30 minute penalty for taking the wrong flight. I expected a 2 hour one, but since taking another flight than the one required didn’t give them any advantage, I thought it was fair. They later caught up with the other teams before the equalizing train to Kunming and it was anybody’s game. Now why did they lie to everybody about their penalty is a complete mystery for me, especially if you think of how helpful everyone’s been this entire Race.


Like playing basketball with trees


Now, if there’s one thing I never thought I will be seeing on The Amazing Race, that’s a friendly basketball game between the teams. While two professional Cheerleaders cheered from the side. Flight Time and Big Easy showed some mad skills, but I’m wondering… which team won? I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but in their original season, I wasn’t their biggest fan. Now, I’m struggling to find a reason for it, since they’re quite funny.


Past and future


Ron and Christina arrived first at the Detour Clue because, you know, they’re in China? I immediately thought Honor the Past was the easier side of the Detour, since it involved remembering the order in which 15 performers appeared on a stage.  Still, I wasn’t surprised the more physical teams chose Embrace the Future.

In ‘the more physical teams’ I’m not including Kent and Vyxsin, who seemed to be struggling just a tiny bit with the task. It was quite rich of Vixsyin to yell at Kent and ask him to move his ass, since the Pink Mermaid was the main reason they (1) missed the required flight and (2) checked in last the previous leg.


Do the Globes!


At about this time I began to be really nervous because of the Double U-Turn. Margie and Luke arrived first and chose not to U-Turn anybody – a decision which I admired, but mainly because that meant they wouldn’t U-Turn Gary and Mallory. Had they done that, I would have been mad.

Kent and Vyxsin and Jaime and Cara arrived at the Double U-Turn at the same time, but Kent and Vyxsin stepped on the mat first, so they had priority. It was clear they were going to U-Turn a team because of their penalty, and as soon as Kent yelled ‘We’re the first ones here!’ I knew who they were going to U-Turn. And I think Jaime and Cara knew too, since they desperately tried to persuade them to ‘do the Globetrotters!’

I have to say, watching someone U-Turn you right in front of your eyes… ouch. Objectively speaking, that was the right move for Kent and Vyxsin and I probably would have done the same thing. Subjectively speaking, I am now rooting against them. I hope they get eliminated next! 🙂




Isn’t it ironic how past experiences seem to be haunting the teams? First, Amanda and Kris got eliminated because of a U-Turn, just like in their first season. Then, Mel and Mike had to give up because of fatigue/heath (which I think was also an issue the leg they got lost). Now, Jaime and Cara again had bad luck with the cab driver, irritating Jaime yet again. I’m glad I got to see another one of her ‘speeches’ for what it probably was the last time: ‘Go, go, go! Faster, faster, faster!’ she told her driver.

The Roadblock seemed very hard: building a life size dinosaur. Gary and Mallory arrived last at the task, so they decided to use the Express Pass. That was the right thing to do and I got all excited because I thought for sure they will win this leg.

And yet it was the Cowboys who jumped ahead of them and won 5,000 $ each. I’m glad they finally won something, because I was beginning to worry that they may have lost that something that made them so likable in their original season. For the 24th time, Gary and Mallory checked in second place.



Jaime and Cara were the 3rd eliminated team.‘And then there were three…’


Those three teams being Ron and Christina, Zev and Justin and –sadly- Jaime and Cara. Even Kent and Vyxsin managed to finish the task, land in fifth place and avoid elimination. Since Ron and Christina were the only ones I was rooting against (at that time), I hoped they will be the ones sent packing. Still, Christina finished her dinosaur first out of the three teams. Justin soon followed, leaving an exhausted, frustrated Jaime to have to tear her dinosaur apart and start all over. It makes me feel better to say I knew she won’t give up. Even though I knew this was the end for them, I couldn’t help but hope for a non-elimination leg until the last second. In the end though, they were eliminated.

If you didn’t figure it out by now, I’m sad they went home so early. And the fact that CBS has decided not to have ‘Elimination Station’ videos doesn’t make me too happy either.

Thoughts on this episode?


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