‘Got Busted by the Principal’

Am I that horrible at choosing players to root for? First it was Francesca, who managed to get herself voted out first. Then it was Kristina, who had to make Rob feel threatened and vote her out instead of Phillip. And now Sarita, who I’ve liked from the second episode, is apparently turning into a complaining little princess.





This episode showed another side of some of the players. Ashley, who from the beginning I thought was a decent, hard working player around camp, has turned into this annoying beauty queen. She wouldn’t do anything around camp and neither will Natalie. Instead, they would have ‘another beach day’; meaning they will practice hair removal with a pair of scissors. This resulted in Phillip having a meltdown and urging them to ‘help out around here’. As annoying as Phillip is, he is right. Ashley’s response was pretty much just shouting and overall being rude towards Phillip.  Although she (as many, I’m sure) can’t stand the guy, you’re on Survivor. Suck it up!

She should meet Stephanie, who is trying to master that art at Zapatera. After both her allies have been voted out, she’s finally trying to form relationships with her tribe. In particular David, who now knows he’s at the bottom of the Zapatera Six and is looking for other options. She’s targeting who she knows is the weakest member.

This brings me to the third player who has changed in my eyes since the beginning of the show: Sarita. During the first few episodes she was this sweet, motherly figure who I adored. And here is she is, four episodes later, sticking dirty sticks in her mouth to clean her teeth. Really? You’re on Survivor, for crying out loud: everybody stinks and nobody gives a damn about it. Now, she’s complaining left and right about how badly her gums hurt. I really hope that was just an isolate episode and she‘ll wake up. Soon.


Prayer Warriors 2.0


Ah, good old Brett and Natalie. I’m sorry; I meant Matt and Krista, inhabitants on Redemption Island.  They both are devoted Christians and bond really well at Redemption Island. Sadly for them, only one can remain in the game, as they enter this week’s Duel.

I must say, this was probably my least favorite Duel so far. The main reason being I didn’t find the Challenge that interesting. I was obviously rooting for Matt and Krista took an early lead; but I wasn’t too worried. I knew she would somehow screw up later on and after a couple of looks at Matt’s table maze, she dropped the ball (literally). A few seconds later, Matt ‘once again seized the moment’. Krista was then sent packing after the torturous buff burning ceremony and after she had given Matt her pink Bible. I liked that moment of human affection. 🙂


Throw and Catch


The Immunity Challenge was again one I did not particularly enjoy – the same one in which JT lost his tooth back in Tocantins. After Jeff successfully stirred up the pot and Phillip delivered a ridiculous speech, Ometepe went on to completely dominate the Challenge. Seriously, they rocked – Grant in particular. He alone caught four of the five balls required to win, while Zapatera didn’t manage to catch one single ball. After their impressive first wins, they seem to have lost their momentum. Can they make a comeback?

Since the tribes were also playing for Reward, Ometepe was sent to a wonderful picnic lunch. Rob and Grant again found the Immunity Idol Clue, but this time it didn’t go entirely their way: Phillip saw them reading the clue, after they had announced they are ‘checking the view’.

I literally cannot listen to Phillip’s speeches anymore. He is annoying. I’m tired of the lion and gorilla; the four years he as a Former Special Agent, defending the great country that is America. What, didn’t you know he was an agent? And all that talking just to tell us he doesn’t trust Rob and Grant anymore. Adding those two to his ‘to vote out’ list, the only person in his tribe who he doesn’t have an issue with is Andrea.


S. vs. S.


Can Steph defeat Matt at the next Duel?

With Tribal Council looming, Stephanie tried to put the target on Sarita, for being the weakest member of the tribe. She argued that she is stronger than Sarita. Had I been there and had I known what the Zapatera Six knew, I would have probably agreed with her.

At Tribal Council, Stephanie continued to attack Sarita with the help of David, who went in… I guess the ‘lawyer mode’ and made it clear he will vote for Sarita.  As I saw it, she either didn’t try very hard to defend herself or she wasn’t that impressed with what Stephanie and David had said.

I thought the vote could go either way, but in the end Stephanie was sent to Redemption Island. Unbeknownst to them, they did the right thing. After all, she has been eager to flip ever since Russell got voted out and she let Ometepe know about it. Besides, I still hope Sarita is not that big of a ‘drama queen’, as Julie called her.

To be honest, this wasn’t my favorite episode. What did you think of it? And am I the only one who thinks the preview scenes didn’t make any sense at all?


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