‘The statue looks pregnant’

The sixth episode of The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business saw an incredibly lively Mallory, a weird, silver, pajama looking outfit on Zev and lots and lots of tea.

Now, since last week’s episode, I’ve pretty much calmed down and got over Jaime and Cara’s elimination – I don’t have anything with the Goths anymore.  So I pretty much knew I would be sad for whoever was eliminated. But wasn’t that a(nother) crazy episode?


Still in China


Much to the teams’ surprise, the first clue instructed them they had to take part in a tea tasting in…China. Everybody complained about that and I’m not sure I understand why. I mean, I get you spent two legs there already and you want to leave. But at the same time the task was an easy one. After they had tasted the papaya-mango tea (and for the record I want to try it too), teams were instructed to fly to Kolkata, India.

Everybody took the same flight and arrived in India in the middle of the night. But the Town Hall, which was where their next clue awaited, only opened at 10 am. How hilarious was it when Big Easy made Mallory and Gary plus several other teams think they had to run down the street to get the next clue? Mallory seemed completely confused at one point and then she proceeded to hit everybody involved n the ‘prank’. ‘I hate y’all’ is what she said. I’m really glad the teams are enjoying themselves that much.


The Mother Of All Roadblocks


Continuing the series of awesome challenges, this week’s Roadblock might have been the hardest yet. Teams had to search through hundreds of different tea cups for one containing the same flavored tea as the one they drank in China.

Unfortunately, Ron was lucky… perceptive enough to get it right the first time. I think he just sampled one cup before receiving the next clue. Most of the other teams struggled with the task; Flight Time and Luke in particular. Those two took forever to complete the task, but handled the situation quite differently.

On the one hand, you have Flight Time who doesn’t want to inquire a penalty. He and Big Easy were eliminated in their first Race because of one, so he doesn’t want that to happen again. On the other hand, you have Luke; he got frustrated soon and needed constant encouragement from Margie to finish the task. I really wish he’d learned something from his last season.

I found it heartwarming to see the Indian people clap and cheer on though. As was hearing teams congratulating left and right and wishing everybody good luck.


Art or Education?


The Detour was between Hindu Art –which seemed like a lot of work, since it involved painting and dressing a sculpture- and Bengali Literature -transporting eight bundles of books from a bookstore to a school using a rickshaw.  Gary and Mallory chose the latter and that was a smart choice. Even though they left the Roadblock in fifth place, they were the first ones to finish the Detour. And they landed in first place. Finally! I have been rooting for them to win a leg since forever. (Who else initially thought their prize was just sampling the new Snapple?:P) Also doing Bengali Literature were Jet and Cord and Zev and Justin, who ended up placing second and fourth.

At Hindu Art, Kent and Vyxsin had a pretty easy ride. Painting stuff in pink is what they do on a daily basis, according to Kent.  Kisha and Jen also did pretty well, though they got lost a few times throughout the leg. Why didn’t they open that bottle quicker? That was the first thing I would have done, even just to sample the thing. 😛

Ron had some issues with the loud music, which gave him a headache. Still, that didn’t prevent he and Christina to land in third place.

Margie and Luke are the fourth team eliminated.

When the Globetrotters had arrived at the Detour, everybody else was already gone. Still, they had a lead on Margie and Luke. At this point it became pretty obvious who was going to be eliminated. Even though Flight Time kicked a bucket of paint over their sculpture, they quickly fixed the mistake. After giving Margie and Luke a hug each, they checked in seventh place, merely avoiding elimination.

Following the footsteps of his ‘Race Girlfriends’, Luke and Margie checked in last and were eliminated. It was sad to see Luke die on the floor like that, but at least they got a second chance. It seems like teams from the 14th season are doomed! I hope Kisha and Jen will break this ‘curse’, since I really would hate to see them go next.

What did you made of this episode?


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  1. I was sad to see Margie and Luke go.. but I’m glad he didn’t give up.. and loved when the Indian men cheered for him.
    I thought it was a great episode.. it was competitive yet not mean spirited.

    • Yeah, I know what you mean. I don’t know about you, but I will have to get used to this, since apart from Ron and Christina, I pretty much like everyone now.

      This season is shaping up to be great! Just like the previous one. And the one before that… 😛

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