‘I wish I’d brought my stuff’

OK, it is official: I am horrible at choosing players to root for. Last night, Sarita was voted out of Survivor: Redemption Island because of her poor performances in challenges. As a result, I’ve decided not to share who my other favorites are anymore, so I won’t get them under my curse (though if you’re curious, leave a comment – I think I’m good if I write it in the comments section).

But on to the episode, which was a good one…


Crispy Rice


It has been clear for a while Rob is the King of Ometepe and Philip – the buffoon. The rest of the tribe treats them accordingly, which resulted in Philip delivering his funniest rant yet. Or should I say Philip’s sole funny rant? He complained he didn’t get a scoop of the crispy rice, since that was Rob’s portion. He went on saying the girls’ sleep in ‘Rob’s underwear every night’. At that moment, I just cracked up – that may have the best line this season. I wonder what Amber thought of that?

Joke aside, Philip has a point. Since the game started, pretty much everyone at Ometepe has been star struck by Rob’s presence. Everyone immediately accepted him as the leader and has unconditional trust in him. At this point, I’m actually thinking they even want to go to the Final Three with him. Why don’t they see how big a threat he is?


Flip & Match


It seemed lie from the moment she arrived at Redemption Island, Stephanie has been talking non-stop about peanut butter and all sorts of foods. We all knew she was annoying, so that was not a surprise. If during this past week I had been rooting a liiiitle bit for Stephanie to win – not anymore.

This week’s Duel tested the competitors’ memory, with a good old ‘Flip & Match’ type of challenge. As much as I like to play such games, I don’t like them on Survivor. I feel a lot of luck is involved and surprisingly, I was proven right – both Matt and Stephanie scored a point in the first round.

Stephanie never really had the lead or any chance of winning, though and a few rounds later, she lost. Matt won his fifth Redemption Island Duel. Or, as Jeff loves to say, he ‘seized the moment’. His winning streak is so impressive that Philip called him a ‘Samurai Warrior’.

As soon as Rob and Philip returned to their camp, Philip gave Rob yet another reason to pit the tribe against him. I’ll say this again: Philip doesn’t know how to play the game. Every time he says he wants to take out Rob I can’t help but smile, knowing that probably won’t happen. Sure, with the merge happening next week, he might have some sort of a shot, but Rob has an Idol and a solid alliance.


Three out of four


The challenge this week was –again- from Nicaragua. I have to admit though; it was one of very few things I liked about that season so I was glad they decided to reuse it. Both tribes had to race through a series of obstacles and collect two ‘bags of balls’. They then had to shoot the balls in a basket.

Sarita and Philip both struggled and made the challenge unpredictable. Ometepe had an early lead, which Zapatera then stole. Still, both tribes got to the baskets about the same time. For a little while it looked like Zapatera might win – they had five out of six balls in the basket, while Ometepe only had three. But in the end, Ometepe took the prize home, thanks to Grant. He may have gotten all six balls in the basket by himself. He is a strong, strong physical player, but I’m disappointed by how he blindly trusts Rob.

Ometepe was taken to the top of an active volcano, which was an amazing experience for the players. Cookies and drinks brought the tribe together and even Philip decided to postpone his plans of sabotaging Rob. But the best part of the Reward? Rob threw the Immunity Clue in the volcano.


Loyalty vs. Strength


So Zapatera self destructed. They now face another Tribal Council, which will bring their tribe to five members, giving Ometepe the numbers for the first time. The targets: David and Sarita.

David is a good puzzle solver and the tribe could use his strength in challenges. At the same time, he’s not very trustworthy. With Sarita, it’s the opposite; she’s horrible in challenges but very loyal.

Personally, knowing after this Council there would be eleven people left in the game, I would have pleaded for David to go. Come on, the Merge usually occurs at twelve when there’s a Final Three plus a nine member Jury. So why would you keep the strong guy who would be willing to flip? Keeping the loyal Sarita (who won’t be a threat for Individual Immunity) would have been a better choice.


‘I don’t know what cohesive means’


Sarita was sent to Redemption Island last night.

Oh my, what a Council. Did Ralph really say that he doesn’t know what cohesive means? I couldn’t believe my ears. And if that wasn’t enough, he then answered an ‘a or b?’ question with ‘I disagree’. Hilarious. 😀

Not until the last moment did I realize Sarita would be voted out. While I did know she had a big target, she did a great job of defending herself at Tribal and not losing her cool. But in a 4-2 vote, she was sent packing with probably the purest expression of shock on her face I’ve ever seen on Survivor. She was so confident she was safe she hadn’t even brought her stuff with her.

As I’ve already said, I loved her, despite last week’s…incidents. And of course, she had to be voted out just before the merge – I hate when that happens. The preview clips seem to indicate Matt hurt himself and that will somehow affect his performance in the Final Duel, but I’m not buying it. Either way, I’ll be happy for whoever reenters the game!

I can hardly wait for next week’s episode. What did you think of this one? Sad to see Sarita go? Happy?


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