‘The crap you do for a million dollars’

After two long weeks, The Amazing Race finally returned last night with one of the funniest episodes of the season. Sure, since pretty much all other episodes so far have been great, that doesn’t say much. Nevertheless, it was a delight to watch.

Holy City

Teams had to fly from Calcutta to Varanasi, which turned out to be a Holy City with waters that have the powers to wash away ‘the sins of mortals’. Although something tells me she doesn’t need those waters, Mallory was very excited about this.

While everybody rushed to get tickets, Ron and Christina (having already gotten theirs) decided to go eat – Ron’s idea, obviously. Still, they were not the one team that got on a flight arriving an hour later. That honor went to Jet and Cord. It was pretty ironic those tickets were from ‘Jet Airways’.

The meaning of life

Once teams landed, they made their way to a Tonga Station, where the Roadblock took place. Teams had to search for holy men who would give them a piece of paper. When all pieces were put together in the right order, the meaning of life would be revealed. For the record, at some point I thought that sentence was ‘Once you speed up, you can’t slow down’. Isn’t that deep? 😛

I’m not sure how I felt about this Roadblock. I mean… another one that involves searching? Last leg they had the cups of tea, then a few legs back the Chinese charms… it seems too crowded.

Jen, Big Easy and Justin all finished quickly. Shortly after that, Jet and Cord arrived. But you know who annoyed me? Kent. He made a deal with Gary to work together, but once they had all the pieces, he completely abandoned him. That was unnecessary and rude and mean. And I have a feeling Kent wasn’t the one to spot those men.  As he said, ‘when in doubt, follow Gary’.

Gary and Mallory left the Roadblock in fifth place, leaving Ron and Christina and Jet and Cord behind. Ron really struggled with the task, though. He wondered way off, which gave Cord plenty of time to surpass him.

Cows & Buffaloes

The Detour was either Feed the Buffalo (transporting a large load of hay) or Feed the Fire (making fuel patties out of manure). Jen and Kisha’s reaction after figuring this out was funny: ‘I’m getting gloves, no worry’.

After a small argument over the size of the patties, they had their judge disapprove of some of them, which resulted in more funny comments from the sisters: ‘Are you serious lady? We trying to feed yo’ kids’. Eventually though, they finished the task.

Apparently not fast enough, since they landed at the Pit Stop in third place. The Globetrotters and Zev and Justin, who chose the other side of the Detour, finished first and second, respectively. They were just ‘running with haaaaay, in the middle of Indiaaaa’.  The teams from the 15th season performed really well this leg, especially Flight Time and Big Easy. Not only they were the funniest so far in this Race, but they also got from last to first. I am impressed.


Gary and Mallory also chose the Feed the Fire side. Since, you know, Mallory is used to working with manure. In her season, a Roadblock in Russia involved working with cow manure. The funny thing? She was wearing the same outfit. Awesome. 😀

Kent and Vysxin were already there when Gary and Mallory arrived and finished just before them. This meant nothing, since they fell behind so much they almost got eliminated. Karma is a bitch, Kent.

I don’t know what to think of that team. At the beginning of the season, I didn’t like them. Then I started to like them. After that they screwed up big time the first half of the China leg. They U-Turned one of my favorite teams. They sort of made a comeback. And now? They Kent complained the entire leg about how he’s tired and had Vyxsin carry his pack. Vyxsin jumped in the water and pulled back to the shore the water taxi she and Kent hired to take them to the Pit Stop. She and Kent then screamed at each other for no apparent reason. They then screamed at an innocent man to get out of a taxi.

Ronald and Christina were eliminated from The Amazing Race.

The father and daughter are out

Ron and Christina never really had a chance to catch up after Ron screwed up the Roadblock. Although they did take a water taxi (which apparently was faster), they couldn’t catch up with the Goths and were eliminated. They were the only team I wasn’t rooting for so I was actually happy to see them go. Though, Kent and Vyxsin are very close to replacing them; especially with another meltdown coming next episode.


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