‘Biggest blessing in the world’

*Great sigh of relief*

It was nerve wracking to watch last night’s episode of The Amazing Race. The reason being, my favorite team -Gary and Mallory- quickly found themselves at the back of the pack. The eight leg was ultra stressful for them, since it was the same one that previously got them eliminated.

Teams were instructed to fly from Varanasi to Vienna, Austria. Getting tickets shouldn’t be hard, especially if at the travel agency there is a team you can point to and say ‘we want the same thing’. Still, Jet and Cord voluntarily chose a flight that landed almost half an hour later. Although they did know about the earlier option (which had two connections), they didn’t want to take a risk. Now explain to me what is risky about taking the same flight everybody else is on? Wouldn’t you want to be in the same group with everyone else?

Worth noting is also the dating Goths’ dialogue at the travel agency:

K: ’Don’t pinch me.’
V: ’Don’t talk to me.’
K: ’I’ll step on your face, I don’t care.’
V: ’I’ll kick you in the head.’

*Love is in the aaaair…*


Aah, Austria


Much to the cowboys’ horror though, the first flight arrived as scheduled, giving the other five teams a thirty minutes advantage. Teams had to make their way to a parking lot and get in a Ford Focus. Using the backup camera, they had to figure out the name of their next destination was written on the ground.

For some reason, Gary and Mallory didn’t understand what they had to do and lost precious time looking at the navigation system. Eventually though, they got it: Schloss Schallburg.

The first to arrive to that castle were Zev and Justin. They got a big book ‘from the chick from Harry Pooter’, chick which Kent thought was a man… a ‘special man’. The book had to be delivered to the National Library, which looked awesome. I am disappointed they didn’t have a challenge there.  Gary and Mallory made up some time here, as The Globes and Goths wandered around.




The Detour this week was a choice between ‘Long, Hard Walk’ and ‘Quick, Easy Meal’, although the names should have been ‘Long, Easy Walk’ and ‘Quick, Hard Meal’. The first one involved transporting a Freudian couch from a museum to a University. The latter one – shoving down inhumane quantities of food in only twelve minutes.

Three teams chose to eat: Zev and Justin, Jen and Kisha and Gary and Mallory, and all three failed to complete the task. I really hoped Gary and Mallory would be able to pull through and they seemed pretty confident as well. But as soon as the timer showed four minutes and their plates were still half full, I knew they wouldn’t be able to make it. Since they arrived at the challenge just as the other two teams were leaving, they fell to last place. This is when I began to panic, though I have to admit: I chuckled when Mallory  said ‘I could just throw up and try again’. Isn’t she adorable?


‘Walking a couch to some chick’s office when she could have paid somebody to do it herself’


Meanwhile, the other teams rocked the other side of the Detour; some with more moaning than others. I’m looking at you Kent. They finished the task second, but they completely lost me as a fan in the process. That’s not to say I was their biggest supporter before or I overlooked everything they did last week. But this was just the drop that spilled the cup. ‘Stoooop, stoooop’ and ‘I caaan’t, I caaan’t’ – that’s all we’ve heard during the Detour. Sorry, but I can’t root for such a baby.

At least Kisha and Jen (see quote above) and the Cowboys were hilarious. ‘It might be faster if I could lay on the couch, tell Cord about my feelings and he could push me’ is what Jet said.

After finishing the Detour, teams had to drive to the city of Salzburg, where the Roadblock took place. Of course Kent and Vyxsin had to argue on the way. They’re dating, you know. Not once, from the beginning of the Race did they do something to make me think ‘wow, they really love each other’.


 ‘Santa Close came through the window’


The Roadblock was without a doubt the easiest thing teams had to do this season: clean out a chimney. I’ve been praising the challenges ever since Leg One and what do they do now? With four legs to go you throw in such an easy challenge? I was disappointed. Not to say, it wasn’t exactly the type of challenge that would allow Gary and Mallory to catch up.

Flight Time and Big Easy left the Roadblock first, with Zev and Justin right on their tail. The Globes however lost time asking for directions, thus allowing Zev and Justin to win their third leg. The Globes then checked at Villa Trapp in second, followed shortly by the Goths. Jen and Kisha and The Cowboys arrived at the same time soon after.


Hope springs eternal

Gary and Mallory are still in it!

That meant last place for Gary and Malloy. When they hit the mat, I almost was on the verge of tears. Since this wasn’t a ‘super leg’, I really thought they were out. But there is a God up there and they’re not! What do you know; this was a non elimination leg. Never in my life had I gone from feeling utterly miserable to being in the seventh Heaven so fast.

Sure, Gary and Mallory now have to complete a Speed Bump and they seem to be having taxi problems, but teams have managed to survive similar stuff. Here’s hoping they have a great leg next week! At this point, I am willing to see any other of my favorites go but them. They are awesome. 😀

What did you think of this episode? Were you happy Gary and Mallory were spared? Who do you think will be eliminated next week?


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