‘Let’s do it!’

I can’t name another season of Survivor that I loved watching pre merge and hated pretty much all the post merge episodes so far. Or one that now has so many storylines, none of which pick my interest at all. Or one in which all my favorites went home two or three episodes after I’ve started rooting for them. Personally, I’m ready to wrap Survivor: Redemption Island and move on.


God’s not done with you!

First order of business: saying goodbye to the awesome Julie. After losing the more than pathetic three way duel, she became the second member of the Jury. I have to ask…Survivor shuffleboard as a duel? Yes, that is great challenge to watch when the contestants are playing for a harmless Reward, but when your life in the game depends on it, it’s sort of lame.

A few words about Matt, who again stayed alive yet again: I can’t stand him. I just can’t. Props to him for not quitting though; at one point I really thought he would throw in the towel.

Wasn’t it weird Philip had found his shorts? I’m guessing it was more luck than his great grandfather, but you never know.


Roll it, baby!


The Immunity Challenge was entertaining, though I really wasn’t rooting for anyone. Grant, Philip, Ralph and Ashley moved on to the next round. Grant and Ralph made it to the final round, which Grant ultimately won.

I really missed the Reward Challenges and I was happy this week we got to see one.  But what was surprising to the players was a Mystery Package Jeff told them to bring at Tribal. I immediately thought of the mystery bottle in Survivor: Cook Islands. To this day I can remember what the piece of paper inside of it said: You have just voted out a member of your tribe. You will now vote out another. I never saw that coming then and completely freaked out. This time around – meh. I guess I would have reacted better, had I cared enough about at least one of the remaining players.

This season’s mystery package was somehow different, though: it announced the players would have an Immunity challenge before the second elimination. After Ralph was, unsurprisingly, voted out each contestant was given a set of cards and shown a sequence of images which they had to remember and then replicate. Whoever missed one was out.

The best part of the entire Tribal Council segment was Julie’s comment. ‘Steve’s gonna win’, she said smiling. I thought he had no chance, but in the end it came down to him, Rob and Ashley. Still, it was Rob who took home the prize and with the help of his alliance of brainwashed people, he sent the last Zapatera member to Redemption Island. I’ve always liked the Zapatera tribe more, so seeing Steve go was not that pleasant – even though I never liked him.




Ihave to say, could the Redemption Island twist have turned out any worst? I understood the three way Duel, but a four way one? Redemption Island was supposed to be a place where one person lived in solitary until someone came and challenged him to a Duel. Yet there they are, half of the once powerful Zapatera Six and Matt, having a pajama party.

So now there are only six people left in the real game. My prediction is that Rob will win. Nobody is ever going to vote Philip out (sadly), everyone seems to be keen on getting rid of Andrea and Grant’s a huge physical threat. Ashley is also on Rob’s black list and I can’t imagine anyone being smart enough to make a move and take Rob out. Besides, he still has the Idol. And if he makes it to the Final Three with Philip and Natalie, he’ll win by a landslide. The Zapatera folks aren’t the ones to hold grudges.

Would I be OK with this scenario? I guess. I don’t know. I don’t really care.

As I’ve said, I’ve grown tired of this season with all the Matt drama, Rob dominance and Philip. But do you still enjoy it? Or do you, as me, can’t wait for the regular season, with new players?


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