‘Shake the gnome, not your body’

… 😀

I’m so happy right now. With only two episodes left of what so far has been a great season of The Amazing Race, I wanted the second to last episode to deliver. And man, did it deliver?


Glitter and Snow


After receiving 1 (one) dollar for this leg of the Race, teams had to make their way to the Heliport in Zermatt, where they would sign up for a helicopter that would take them ‘into the unknown’. This should under no circumstances pose any problems for the five best remaining teams, right?

Wrong, because one team did manage to lose time here. Kent and Vyxsin left in third place, they brought two happy stars with them and put on extra glitter, all to bring good luck. Yet two electric taxis passed by them and they weren’t able to stop neither. How did this team survive nine legs? Gary and Mallory, who left nearly 20 minutes later, managed to surpass them.

It turned out the unknown destination was the Matterhorn, where Yeti lives…err, where the Detour would take place. For the first time in 5 legs, neither side of the Detour required teams to transport anything, so I was pretty excited about it. Although one side was called ‘Search’, that required teams to locate and dig up a dummy buried somewhere in the snow. For ‘Rescue’, teams had to save a man from a narrow crevasse, using special equipment.

To me, ‘Search’ sounded like the easier task, although it turned out to be the other way around. Kisha and Jen, Kent and Vyxsin and The Globes all chose ‘Rescue’ and were the first three teams to leave the Detour. A little whining was provided though, courtesy of Kent. After they finished the task, Vyxsin told him to wipe his nose, to which he replied ‘I can’t’. What the…?

Gary and Mallory and Zev and Justin struggled with the other task. As Zev and Justin kept on digging, Gary and Mallory managed to dig up their dummy, mainly due to Gary’s Superman powers. They finished just in time to catch the same train to Le Petit Cervat as all the other teams. This put Zev and Justin 25 minutes behind.


Chocolate Feud


This episode’s Roadblock made up for all the lame tasks this season – which, granted, weren’t that many. The team member performing it had to make a Travelocity gnome out of chocolate, using special Swiss methods. It was delightful to watch: I love chocolate and the Gnome is a very big part of the Race. A few things happened during the challenge:

1) Kent called the freezer an oven over and over again, annoying everybody. It was both hilarious and painful to watch.

2) Apparently, Vyxsin accidentally took one of Flight Time’s molds out of the oven freezer. This caused Big Easy to lose his temper and yell at her and in all honesty I can hardly blame him. Flight Time on the other hand took it very well: he kept working with the one he had, without complaining or unnecessary accusations. Vyxsin later cried in front of the camera, which may have been touching had it not been for Kent.

3) After he annoyed all the other teams, Kent proceeded to annoy the viewers by making ridiculous faces behind Big Easy and informing us he’ll kick their ass again. Since, you know, they once checked in before them.

4) The funny moments of the Roadblock were provided by the awesome sisters and The Globes. Kisha laughed (her laughter is pretty funny and contagious). Jen told Big Easy she loved him more when he was quiet. And of course, let’s not forget Big Easy imitating Kent: ‘It’s pretty, Flight Time’ and ‘You’re almost there’. 😀


And then there were four


Unbelievably, Vyxsin was the first to finish the Roadblock, followed closely by The Globes, The Sisters and Gary and Mallory. The next clue informed the teams to find the next Pit Stop, so for a while it looked like Zev and Justin may be eliminated: they arrived nearly half an hour later and Zev was still waiting in the snow for his gnome to cool.

But this is when Kent and Vyxsin made a huge mistake. The Pit Stop clue must have had only four or five lines, yet they managed to miss the part that said they had to travel ON FOOT. They quickly hopped in a taxi, just as Zev finished the task.

Even though The Goths took a taxi, it was Flight Time and Big Easy who arrived at the Pit Stop first. Just to make things sweeter, Kisha and Jen also arrived before them, checking in second. When they finally arrived, they unsurprisingly received a 30 minute penalty. This allowed Gary and Mallory to steal the third place.

I daresay you two will not be missed in the final episode!

So it came down to Zev and Justin and the Goths. Most likely everyone short of the Goths’ families wanted Zev and Justin to pull through. It looked really close but ultimately they did it. Zev and Justin checked in fourth, thus eliminating the crybaby and his (girl)friend.

Of course, Kent once again acted like the most immature child on Earth while they were waiting. After phrases like ‘I always stay positive no matter what’, he happily put the blame on Vyxsin for the penalty. Was it Vyxsin who needed help to put her hood on at the beginning of the episode? And was it Vyxsin who moaned and did close to nothing during the Detour, only to later sit and eat chocolate? Was it her who constantly moaned and complained over the course of the last three or four legs? Goodbye and good riddance.

Four likable teams will battle it out in the last episode, which I personally cannot wait for. I like all the remaining teams, so there’s no way I’ll be disappointed by the finale. Of course, I know who I want to win, but I won’t write it and risk jinxing it. So, who would you like to see win it all?


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