‘A dark individual’

I actually found last night’s episode of Survivor quite enjoyable. Or course, when you pretty much don’t care about anyone in the ‘real game’ even the best episode could bore you to death. But this one was a good one…



Ridemshion Ailand


I’m glad they didn’t drag the Redemption Island segment for more than it was necessary. Andrea arrived there and put Matt in his place. He had been frustrated Andrea voted him out and gave her ‘dirty looks’. And here was I, thinking that it was God’s will. Ralph turned out to be incredibly rude by not sharing the shelter he DID NOT build with Andrea. I don’t like the guy. If you’re frustrated at someone, take those emotions and put them into the Duel so you can kick that person out.

Believe it or not, the Duel this week was ten times better than the previous ones: the contenders had to move a handle through a table maze and then solve a puzzle – which admittedly didn’t look that hard, but still. Ralph took an early lead, as Andrea couldn’t stop rambling. In the end though, it was Mike who won, yet again. Matt and Andrea finished virtually at the same time, sending Ralph packing.

I would really want Mike to go back into the game. He remains the only one I actually still root for and I think he deserves it: he won every Duel but one since he was voted out. But I’d be OK with Andrea reentering the game as well.


‘Where can you buy caramel sauce?’


At camp – the usual Felipe drama. I am so tired of seeing that guy; I almost want him to win so that future players learn to vote out the annoying, crazy castaway first. But for now, everyone wants him in the Final Three, including Boston Rob.

From the beginning of the episode, he informed us it would Ashley going home. Hearing him talking about how Natalie’s a ‘sweetheart, pure and innocent’ and how Ashley’s ‘trying to corrupt that’ was both funny and touching. Also, was it just me or did he completely changed the topic of the conversation he was having with Natalie as soon as Ashley came around. One moment he was convincing Natalie to go against her friend and the next, he was asking about ice cream sauces.

The Reward/Immunity challenge was great this week. It was a new one, which is always good: castaways had to retrieve three bags of puzzle pieces, using hooks. Then they had to complete a fish skeleton puzzle. On top of that, each player had one arm tied behind their back.

I was really happy Ashley won, only because I thought that would provide a little more drama before Tribal Council, as opposed to just giving Felipe more screen time, like in the previous episodes. Also, she won a great Reward: a three course meal, which she chose to share with Natalie. It’s always funny to see Survivor contestants eating real food, there’s something so appealing about that.


Blindside going once, twice…


Back at camp, Rob decided it had to be either Grant or Natalie. Grant because he’s such a threat and it’s also who Ashley wanted out. Natalie because she and Ashley’s bond is very strong, almost like a couple.

Even though Rob has been saying he wants to take Natalie to the end since day 5, I was really unsure how the vote would go. Before we headed to TC to find out, we were treated with a scene in which Ashley smelled Natalie’s armpit, declaring ‘it’s not that bad’ afterwards. That was so weird…

Will Grant be able to reenter the game?

In the end, Grant was the one voted out, in a 4-1 vote. He definitely has a huge shot at getting back into the game since there will probably be only one more Duel next week. At least, that’s what I hope.  Did Rob make the right decision though? I guess so, but I also think it was a lose-lose situation, really. Grant may have said he’s ‘at peace’, but his heart might just break if he finds out it was his ‘bro’ who turned on him.

This penultimate episode may have been the best we’ve had since the merge. What do you think will happen on the last episode? Who do you think will end up actually winning? Who would you like to see win?


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