Survivor: Redemption Island Finale: ‘I am sick’

I know I used quotes from the castaways this entire season, but this one isn’t from Rob. I’m actually quoting myself, because that’s exactly how I felt while watching Survivor’s finale: sick to my stomach. Only I know how many times I resisted the urge to hit my head against the wall and pull out my hair. I refuse to write a recap, because I don’t want to relieve those emotions all over again.

The finale embodied everything that I hated about this season: (1) Matt obsessively making everything about ‘God’s will’, (2) Philip acting like a lunatic (and even getting one vote at the Final Tribal Council, what the hell?), (3) all my favorites going home as soon as possible (Mike lost the Duel and Andrea lasted one more day after that) and (4) nobody doing ANYTHING to get rid of Rob.

Ashley and Natalie had a great opportunity to finally do something in this game, yet inexplicably they decided to get rid of the smaller threat Andrea instead of Boston Rob. In the end, it all ended the way I had anticipated a few weeks ago: Rob took Natalie and Philip to the end and as a result he won.

Now I do give credit where credit is due: Rob deserved to win this time, especially after being pitted against the youngest servant and craziest lunatic in Survivor history. If he had lost to one of those two, I probably would have personally murdered everyone on that jury. Still, I’m not happy at all with how this season ended; I’ve really grown tired of Rob.

On my way to watch the Reunion show. May update this post after I’ve seen that.

Update: Oh my God, no, no, not two returning players again! Also, I pray and beg every God known to mankind… please never ever bring back Russell and Philip.


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