TAR Australia: ‘We’ve got pain, but we’ve not lost any weight’

More technical problems yet again prevented me from watching The Amazing Race: Australia until earlier today. Here’s hoping this was the last time, though!

Apart from that, The Amazing Race is slowly perfecting the art of making me feel both happy and sad while watching an episode. This third one had lots of funny bits, but at the same time it was pretty much painful at times.



Fortune Cookies


The ten remaining teams were instructed to fly to Hong Kong and catch a ferry to the Jumbo Floating Restaurant. Insight was provided into most of the teams while they made their way to the airport. We were treated with a montage in which everyone talked about how they are more than they appear to be. Apart from the fact we didn’t really learn anything new, it was all good.

Much more entertaining was when Mo & Mos, while waiting for a taxi, were approached by a bunch of ladies who then proceeded to ‘fondle our chests’. That was the weirdest, most awkward thing on this Race so far!

Joey & Richard finished first!

Once teams arrived at the restaurant, they had to bite through over one thousand fortune cookies, one of which would lead them to their next clue. Initially, I thought this would be a simple challenge and only one fortune cookie will have a message inside. But no; all cookies had messages, which considerably slowed down the process.

Particularly annoying to watch were Joey & Richard, who took the motivational quotes a little too serious. They [Joey] read them with such passion and force you’d think the words would come alive and start cheering for them! Did I mention they were both wearing T-Shirts reading ‘Crush it’?


Your inner Tomb Raider


Amazingly enough and despite being in the last group to arrive at the restaurant, Richard & Joey actually finished first. Besides the Detour clue, they also found a Fast Forward in their envelope. I would like to take a moment and complain about that. The host explained that it was the ‘first and only Fast Forward hidden on the entire Race’. Then why are you offering it on Leg 3, for crying out loud? Are you worried nobody would go for it on Leg 6, for example? It would have been more exciting, had the producers opted to save it for later.

The Fast Forward required both contestants to have their heads shaved. Team ‘Crush it’ chose to do it. I secretly hoped Joey would freak out and beg Richard to do the Detour instead, but she was actually excited to do it. And I thought she actually looked quite nice with her head shaved. In the end, she and Richard fast forwarded to first place and won 10,000 $ (OK, this is the second time you have had this prize so far. What about a car? Or a trip? No?).

The Moose also went for the Fast Forward, only to have their dreams crushed at the sight of the ‘Fast Forward Taken’ sign.


The Detour this week was a choice between Lion Dance and Kung Fu Stance. I was sort of hoping for the Lion Dance to involve a live lion, but I wasn’t disappointed to see it required teams to dress up in a lion costume and perform a dance routine. Kung Fu Stance had teams perform a series of Kung Fu moves and then break some tiles.

Anne-Marie and Tracy were the only ones who chose to switch Detours. They initially opted for Kung Fu Stance, but decided it was too hard and went for the dance. The challenge they had to overcome there was not necessarily the dance itself, but trying to stop laughing. They were hilarious, adorable and finished relatively quickly; it only took them two tries!


Vegas, Baby – in Macau!



After the Detour, teams had to make their way to Macau, find the Venetian Casino and win ten rounds of Baccarat to get their next clue. Honestly, I’ve never heard of this game. Having watched ten teams play it, I still have no idea what it is or how to play. Apparently, neither did some of the teams themselves at the time: several of them kept on winning without even knowing what they were doing. Still, it was nice seeing the teams wear formal clothes – the models looked, obviously, amazing.

Speaking of Sam & Renae, they were actually the second team to finish the Baccarat challenge, yet they made quite a bad mistake on their way to the Roadblock. When their taxi driver took them on ‘windy roads’, they freaked out like nobody. They went all the way back to the hotel, took another cab and were shocked to find out they were heading the right way the first time. OK, the girls are actually one of my favorite teams, but what was that? Can you at least wait and see if you end up in the right place?

The Roadblock, however, was pretty cool (despite the fact it resembled the one we had in Unfinished Business…). Teams had to solve a puzzle and determine the right order of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac. I thought that was a great challenge, though it would have been better if working together had been prohibited. Mel & Tyler teamed up and their teams landed in second and third. Kelly actually figured it out herself and finished fourth. The Cowboys and Jeff & Luke came right behind. Then came Anastasia & Chris, leaving two teams I adore in the bottom three.

Sam & Renae ended up using their Express Pass and finished the leg in eight place. Then, the Moose decided to take up the four hour penalty for not completing the Roadblock, at which point I began to breathe more easily. I thought for sure the Workmates would keep trying and eventually get it right. But luck has not been on my side from the beginning of the episode. It was sad that they gave up, since it only meant one thing: they were eliminated.

Last leg for the Workmates!

I knew from the start this would happen sooner rather than later, but I couldn’t help but wish for just another episode with them. They enjoyed themselves and it’s not fair that teams who scream whenever they get stuck [Dave & Kelly] or fight with each just for the sake of it [guess who…] are still in it. And I know this is wishful thinking, but maybe, if they will ever do an All-Star season…


Was anybody else sad Anne-Marie and Tracy got eliminated?


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