TAR Australia: ‘The woman-ness to realize where you went wrong’

Wow, wasn’t last night episode of TAR Australia intense? Sam & Renae are by far my favorite team and given they were at the back of the pack pretty much from start to finish, I was on the edge of my seat most of the time.

Have I already said how much I love this version of the show? (Most of) The episodes are longer, there are more challenges and we get a better insight into the teams. The teams themselves are quite interesting and I love that the host seems to care about them, especially the eliminated one (‘It was a devastating goodbye’, ‘It’s been a pleasure having you on the show’). The editing is slowly improving as well – I was pleasantly surprised by the use of ‘may be eliminated’, instead of ‘will be eliminated’, which ruled out the possibility of a non-elimination leg in previous episodes.

Now, to this leg.

Teams had to fly from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town and take a taxi to Dolphin Beach, where the next clue awaited. On the way to the airport, Chris & Anastasia had another fight – had it not been for the earlier clips announcing Chris would lose his temper, this would have been great foreshadowing.


‘I thought you were in a race’


Sky diving in Cape Town

For this week’s Roadblock, one team member had to complete a tandem skydive. The other team member had to light a flame and direct them to the landing zone – which was sort of pointless in my book. Also, why they had a challenge so similar to the one last week is completely beyond my power of comprehension. The most exciting part of it was that, for the first time ever, we were going to see Alana perform the Roadblock. It is unbelievable it took her five legs to do one. She couldn’t have had a better Roadblock, though – she has a fear of heights. ‘No need to rush’, she told the instructor that was preparing her. I do think she was lucky Mel didn’t hear her.

There were a few other people who were afraid of heights: Renae (who along with Sam arrived at the location in seventh place, in an unfortunate twist of fate) and one of The Moose (who completely freaked out on the plane), but eventually everyone finished the task – even Alana.


Four heads are better than two!


My boys, the Cowboys, were the first ones to complete the Roadblock. However, upon arriving at the next location, they were forced to wait for another team. Because there’s an Intersection! The last time we’ve seen one of those was in the 16th season of the original Race, so I was quite happy about seeing it again.

For the Intersection task, the Intersected teams had to load two trunks with gifts and deliver them to an orphanage, after which they would receive the next clue. This type of challenge is always enjoyable – how can

Need I write a caption?

you not like two dozens of children with huge smiles across their faces who want to kiss and hug everybody? Oh, these allergies of mine – I think I’ve got something in my eye.

The Cowboys teamed up with the Perfect Couple, with Tyler & Nathan and Jeff & Luke right behind them. Dave & Kelly teamed up with Alana & Mel, which ended up being pretty hilarious to watch because they’ve managed to lose one another on the way to the warehouse.

The only sad thing was Sam & Renae were in seventh place. That meant they would have to wait for The Moose to show up. As much as I like them, are not the fastest or strongest team in the Race. But the girls were really gracious in how they dealt with the situation – they never yelled, they never complained. ‘They’re not the sharpest tools in the shed, which is fine – they’ve got other fantastic qualities’ is what Sam said at one point. Apart from that, Renae got a police car to show them where the warehouse was. Renae asked the police car to escort them there – how cool is that?


Guns vs. Whine


The Detour this week was a choice between Guns (shoot 9 moving clay tiles) and Rosé (carry an empty barrel and then fill it up with Rosé). Three of the four leading teams went for Guns: The Cowboys, the Surfers and Luke & Jeff and all of them finished at the same time. While the Cowboys had somewhat of a head start, they missed quite a few tiles, thus allowing the other two teams to catch up. This was how things were supposed to happen, since the Cowboys were the only ones who had been around guns their entire lives.

Chris explaining himself

Chris & Anastasia went for the barrel-filling task. There, because Anastasia dared not to listen to Chris and fill one bucket of wine, he went on a ten minute rant about how she’s an idiot and she never listens to him. Admittedly, Anastasia was unable to turn off the tap. Still, I just can’t stand the guy, he’s got that medieval ‘I’m a man, you’re a woman, make me a sandwich’ attitude. As a result, Anastasia shed a few tears and refused to help Chris anymore.

The Sisters, The Models and Dave & Kelly also went for Rosé, but none of them had as many troubles as the lovebirds. The Models struggled a bit with the transporting of the barrel, but they eventually worked it out. ‘The Moose decided to try and shoot a gun and finished remarkably quickly, which meant going into the final challenge of the night, Sam & Renae were in last place.


Sands of time


Final challenge which was awesome. Teams had to drive themselves to Cape Town Dunes and each ride an ATV around a marked course. On the course, there would be fifteen baskets and teams would have to search them for their next clue. But only three baskets had clues underneath them – the others had different sized hourglasses. If a team uncovered an hourglass, they would have to turn it over and wait for the sand to run out. Tyler and Nathan, Matt & Tom and Jeff & Luke were again the first three teams to get there, yet they opted to search the first three baskets. I wonder what made them think that with 15 baskets to choose from, the producers would hide clues under one of the first three ones. Come on.

I hoped Chris & his bimbo would get the huge hourglass. While that did happen, that also honor went to Jeff & Luke and later, The Moose. Chris & Anastasia had other problems to overcome as well. Firstly, Chris lost the car keys and so they lost so time looking for them. If you ask me, it’s a miracle that they found them at all. After that, Anastasia took a short flight over a dune. It was actually quite frightening – she screamed for a few seconds, hit her head and fell off the ATV. By the time a doctor had given her a green light, only three teams remained: The Models, The Moose and them.

Sam & Renae did what I would have done, which was drive right past the first few baskets. They only got one small hourglass before their next clue. Chris & Anastasia and The Moose soon found theirs. Another problem for The Lovebirds arose in the form of their car keys, which they couldn’t use. Sam & Renae once again showed character by helping them: how many teams, knowing they are in the bottom three, stopped to help another team? The possibility people won’t return the favor next week already makes me angry.

This was the final leg for the Moose.

Ultimately, The Models checked in Sixth, with Chris and Anastasia right behind them – by the way, their placements so far are: 7, 3, 7, 3, 7. That meant The Moose were eliminated from the Race. I am a bit sad, though I’m glad it was them and not Sam & Renae who got the boot.

Till next time.


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