TAR Australia: ‘The last team will spend the night in the dungeon’

How much fun was the latest episode of TAR Australia? We had great tasks, a lot of hilarious moments and most importantly, Sam & Renae escaped elimination. I have to say, going into the episode I was pretty sure it would be a non-elimination leg. But when Alana & Mel checked in last and were sent packing, that took me by surprise. Sadly, I can’t write the usual recap this week, so you’ll have to do with some random thoughts.

  • Firstly, teams had to fly to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. However, when they got there, each team member had to eat two doughnut-like pastries. After that, they took a train ride to Prague, Czech Republic. I’m sorry, did I miss anything? What exactly was the point of going to Amsterdam?
  • Over the course of the eighteen seasons of the American TAR, there have been plenty of teams that walked right past the clue box; Fran & Barry (S9) and Kami & Karli (S5) are two that come to mind. Even so, did you see Tyler & Nathan’s cab stop right near the clue box? Did you then see them get out, wonder around and then go into the nearby tower? I mean come on, how could you have missed that?
  • The Detour this week was awesome. The choice was between Chivalry and Delivery, with Chivalry being the easier side. All teams had to do was dress up as knights, ask people in a square for a key and then bring it to a damsel in distress sitting in a balcony nearby. She would, in exchange for the key, lower them the clue. As I had anticipated, nobody had major problems with it. However, I was somewhat surprised by how many teams chose to do Delivery, which involved carrying a small princess in a royal sedan chair. Alana & Mel’s motivation was particularly strange: they only chose it because the two other teams in front of them (both stronger) went for it as well. What was that?
  • The Roadblock was pretty cool as well; one team member had to hit a target in the archery range twice. Also, were they to hit the bullseye, they would get a $50 card to use on the Race. Chris & Anastasia got it (and surprisingly, didn’t fight at all during this leg), as well as Dave & Kelly and Jeff & Luke.
  • In the end, Tyler & Nathan once again came in first and Alana & Mel were eliminated. I wasn’t their biggest fan, but still I was saddened to see them go. Hearing Mel talk about that being the right time for them to go, because Alana had finally learned to take control was kind of awkward, but sweet.

So what did you think about the episode?


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