TAR Australia: ‘It’s just like Where’s Wally’

Well, once again I went into the latest episode of TAR: Australia feeling pretty confident it would be a non-elimination leg. Once again, I was wrong. To be honest, this wasn’t the best episode of the season, though it had its good parts.

Firstly, teams had to make their way to the awesome-looking Dancing House in Prague and search for a marked vehicle, which was an antique Czech Sedan. I really do appreciate that teams are doing most of the driving in this season. You may remember how a number of teams – including Gary & Mallory and The Cheerleaders – got screwed over because of bad taxi drivers. Also, it’s fun to predict which team will have problems with the car.

This time, that team was Matt & Tom. Not only they failed to open the trunk, but they also had a hard time trying to get the car to start. If that wasn’t enough, over the course of the episode they got in trouble with the police not once, but twice. Still, they – and their comments – were more than funny, and that made the episode entertaining. I really hope they at least make it to the Final Three.


Aussies on ice


After finding their cars, teams had to drive to a Ice Hockey Rink and score a goal. My initial thought was ‘Why only one?’, as I was sure all teams will speed through this challenge. What do you know, it probably was the hardest challenge of the episode. All teams struggled, both with trying to score and keep their balance. The ‘Most & Best Falls’ award has to go to Anastasia, with Dave coming in a close second. Although Dave seriously hurt himself – to the point where he and Kelly considered taking the four hour penalty for not completing the task -, Anastasia kept finding newer, better, faster ways of falling. Surprisingly enough, she had a smile on her face the entire time. I still don’t like her team, but I have to admit that over the last two legs, they’ve been unusually happy and cooperative.

The Surfers finished the task first, followed closely by the ‘Lovebirds’. The next clue instructed them to drive to St. Nicholas Cathedral, climb to the top of the tower and photograph a ‘person of interest’, who would be waving a flag. The catch was that there were two men waving flags and teams had to figure out that the one with the yellow and red flag was the one they were supposed to photograph.

Now this may be just me, but I thought that was quite obvious; of course the flag would either have the Race’s colors or a clue written on it, or something. But Jeff & Luke arrived first and photographed the wrong person. Tyler & Nathan made the same mistake. Then Chris & Anastasia. Then the Cowboys. I mean, seriously?

For taking a picture of the wrong man, teams had to go back to the base of the tower, climb again and count all the stairs to receive their next clue. After getting their clue, the Cowboys met with Sam & Renae, who arrived just then. In what was an unexpected gesture of kindness, they warned the girls not to ‘take a picture of the guy with the big flag’. But Sam & Renae actually found the person with the right flag and when they got the next clue, they assumed the Cowboys had lied. They then went on an adorable mini rant about how it’s every team for themselves. But that was clearly an innocent misunderstanding; both the Models and Cowboys have proved their integrity already.


Easy as 1-2-3 or Mission Impossible?


Okay, now to the bad part of the episode: I was really disappointed with the Detour this week. One side was unbelievably easy, while the other one was incredibly hard and kind of gross. Stack Up required teams to basically put beer cartons on top of each other. For Stack In, however teams had to eat 18 traditional Czech sausages made from various parts of a pig’s body. By the way, do you remember this moment? Those were the days…

I was surprised by how many teams actually went for the sausages. If you have seen other seasons of this show, you know that usually when a food challenge involves meat you are almost guaranteed a negative outcome. Jeff & Luke arrived first at the Detour and wisely chose Stack Up. Chris & Anastasia were second, but they opted for Stack In. Chris took one bite, decided Anastasia will not be able to do it and so they switched. Tyler & Nathan did better – they each took a bite before deciding to switch. The Cowboys were the best, however – they each took a bite and swallowed it (Tyler spitted his back on the plate). Sadly though, this put the Cowboys in last place.

The Roadblock this week was, plain and simple, lame. The team member performing it had to climb to the ceiling of a church and then abseil down. A choir was singing in the background. If this hadn’t also been the very first challenge of this Race, maybe I would have been more impressed.

Since Luke and Jeff got lost on the way to the Roadblock, Chris & Anastasia took the lead. In a bizarre, scary twist of fate, they arrived at the bizarre, scary Pit Stop first. But surprise, surprise! This is a Double Leg and you’re still running! I know I’m evil, but I hope they don’t get any prizes and get eliminated instead. Apparently next week we’ll get a lot of tears, frustration and a possible setback for Tyler & Nathan. Here’s hoping that will make up for the two horrible challenges of this episode.


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