TAR Australia: ‘When I saw everyone freezing to death’

Well, last night’s episode of The Amazing Race: Australia wasn’t, as I had hoped, a non-elimination one. In spite of what I said last week and given how things went down, I’m kinda glad it wasn’t. But next week we have to have a non-elimination leg. Right?

The five remaining teams had to fly to Tel Aviv, Israel. Dave & Kelly got up to a bad start right away when they missed the flight all the other teams were on. Still, they were able to catch up with everybody at the Roadblock. The team member performing the Roadblock had to drive a container through an obstacle course, but the shipping port didn’t open until six in the morning, with the four leading teams getting there at about three in the morning.

The task was quite difficult (not to mention it reminded me of the last leg in the Unfinished Business Race, the one in which Gary & Mallory lost due to a bad taxi), with Jeff being particularly anxious about it. Still, everybody got it right the first time… everybody but Renae. She had to do it twice, thus putting herself and Sam in last place. As Dave & Kelly were leaving, Dave was nice enough to wish Renae bad luck.


Which team’s relationship do you envy?


The next challenge was pretty awesome – each team member had to answer, separately, five questions about the Race. They would receive their next clue once their answers matched. Matt & Tom were the only team to finish within minutes; everybody else struggled. What I like about these types of challenges is that if you have one wrong, you can easily freak out and lose valuable time.

I was hoping Sam & Renae would surge ahead here, but Sam screwed up by reading a question wrong, which caused them to fall back to last place. Had she read it right, they might have had a shot at first place this leg. Jeff & Luke finished the task second, followed by The Surfers and Dave & Kelly. However, Renae eventually got it right and sneaked in fourth place, as Dave & Kelly decided to ‘get a bit of information’.


Lucky Thirteen


The Detour this week was a choice between Find Unseen (use a metal detector to search for a key, then open a chest) and Make Thirteen (play a ball and bat game, hitting the ball back and forth thirteen times without letting it fall on the ground). The latter sounded like the easier choice, so naturally everyone went for it. The Cowboys rocked this challenge as well, but both Jeff & Luke and Tyler & Nathan had a little trouble with it. Especially Jeff, who lost it when they dropped the ball after eleven passes and let out a horrid scream. Nevertheless, both teams were out of there before the Models and Dave & Kelly arrived.

Initially, both trailing teams opted for Make Thirteen and I sighed at the thought of having three episodes in a row in which one side of the Detour remained unused. Sam & Renae switched pretty quickly though and this proved to be a wise move. It is true at one point they looked as if they were about to lose their sanity in the hot Israeli sun, but ultimately they finished before Dave & Kelly.


The art of driving out of the way


The Pit Stop – Masada ruins – for this leg was some 200 km in the desert and teams had to drive themselves there. The Cowboys checked in first (woo-hoo!), but everyone else had problems getting there. Jeff & Luke got lost as usual, while Tyler & Nathan drove 50 km out of the way. In the end, they finished second and third, respectively.

Then we were tortured with images in which Kelly said they had a good map and they know where they’re going. All this while Renae drove around the other side of some mountain and had to backtrack. At this point, I thought for sure they will arrive at the Pit Stop last, but what do you know? Sam & Renae checked in as team number four. I’ve never seen a team looking more confused, skeptical and adorable as those two girls ever, on any season of The Amazing Race.

So what happened with Dave & Kelly? One moment they seem to be on track, the other they stop for coffee in the middle of the night. They looked exhausted from the start of the leg, but it’s a shame they couldn’t even get to the Pit Stop. I’m not sad they were eliminated – out of the five teams, they were my least favorite.
With only three episodes left, I think it’s safe to say this season was amazingly entertaining – it exceeded my expectations in teams, challenges and format.

What did you make of this episode?


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