TAR Australia: ‘I hope we don’t have to wear a crown of thorns’

To be completely honest, I wasn’t that excited about this week’s episode of TAR: Australia. Harry Potter is still the main thing on my mind and on top of that, this week was a non-elimination, like I had predicted.

Has anyone else noticed how delighted Grant seemed to be when he announced Dave & Kelly ‘didn’t even make it to the Pit Stop’? What was that all about? Anyway, teams had to run around to a few locations before their first proper task – they encountered the Roadblock at Qumran, the archaeological site. The team member performing it had to decipher a message written in Hebrew.

Now, they were given a parchment with the English alphabet and their correspondent Hebrew letter. They basically had to spell out the words; it should have been an easy task. In fact, Tom and Sam quickly finished it, while their teammates were being very supportive – Matt took a nap and Renae shaved her legs. But Jeff, for some reason, had a hard time with the task. Such a hard time that he decided to work together with Nathan. Not to mention, prior to that he and Luke also donated their map to the Surfers.

I’m sorry, what was that? There are four teams left in the competition. No matter how well you get on with them, it’s time to start doing things on your own. It was silly for Nathan to agree to join forces with Jeff during the Roadblock. It was silly for Jeff & Luke to give away their map like that. I mean, come on – are you going to work together in the final leg as well? ‘Oi, Nathan, wanna try and find that Finish Line together?’

Meanwhile, The Cowboys entertained us by having the following conversation:

Tom: That’s a bagel, there. The round ones with the hole in the middle.

Matt: What’s it do?

Tom: What do you mean? It’s food.

I can’t possibly be the only one constantly surprised and amused at Matt’s lack of travel experience.

This week’s Detour was a choice between Pilgrim’s Trail – carry a wooden cross along the same path Jesus is said to have taken along to the site of His crucifixion – and Holy Grail, which required teams to unearth a clay pot and deliver it to a man in the City of David. Unsurprisingly, the three all-male teams went for the first one. The Surfers struggled with this task, managing to get lost although Jeff & Luke were right behind them. They started to get frustrated at each other and it was sort of uncomfortable to watch. Sam & Renae were, again, the only ones to chose the other side, but that was a good call. Not only they would have had trouble carrying the gigantic cross, but if you start the challenge in fourth place, chances are you’re going to finish it in fourth place. With Holy Grail, they seemed to make up some time.

A little more running around, some more swearing from Tyler and teams were already at the Pit Stop: The Western Wall. The placements remained unchanged from last week, meaning The Cowboys had won yet another leg and Sam & Renae came in last. Being the non-elimination leg that was, they were spared and have to check in first during the next leg, or else the 30 minute penalty will probably be their kiss of death.

I have to say, it wasn’t a very impressive leg and had I not been worried that Jeff & Luke would sneak in front of The Cowboys and steal the 1st place finish from them, it would have been plain boring. The preview clips at the end of the episode didn’t reveal much either, but considering it’s the final elimination of the season, it is bound to be pretty intense. Who do you think will go home?

And to end the post with some good news: The Amazing Race: Australia has officially been renewed for a second season. 😀


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