TAR Australia: Who made the Final Three?

The penultimate episode of The Amazing Race: Australia was one of the most suspenseful of the entire season. With two teams I’ve liked from the very first episode still in, I really wanted both of them to make the Final Three. Sadly, Matt & Tom checked in fourth at the Pit Stop and were eliminated.

I am gutted for them. Two first place finished in a row, only to get eliminated in the tenth leg. And because of a T-Shirt. This entire week, I was sure that if one of my teams had to go, it would be Sam & Renae, given their 30 minute penalty. However, they actually managed to check in first and only serve out a twenty minute penalty for traveling in an unregistered vehicle.

Tyler & Nathan also had to sit through 20 minutes worth of penalty for the same reason, yet they too qualified for the final. Is anyone actually surprised? I’ve always said these two will win it all in the end. They haven’t yet, but come on – out of the three remaining teams, they have the best overall leg placements. On top of that, they’re young and fit; I reckon they have a shot. They’ve always reminded me of Tyler & James, winners of the tenth season of TAR.

And then we have Jeff & Luke. I have to say they’re my least favorite team still left in the Race. I still like them, but enough to be happy if they win. For the sake of this season, which so far has been phenomenal, I hope they don’t. I really hope they don’t.

Like I’ve said, I am terribly sorry to see the Cowboys go. Nevertheless, we’ll see them again in the final episode, as well as everyone else. On that note, let us remember the other teams who fell along the way:


Ryot & Liberty: Even though they were the first team to be eliminated, you could tell they are true fans of the show. ‘Let’s do it together’ is what Liberty said before checking in for what would be their last time. So adorable.

Anne-Marie & Tracy: Honestly, is there one person who watched this season and NOT loved the Big W workmates? Because if you are such a person, leave a comment so I can hunt you down. The fact that they got eliminated so soon is one of the few things I disliked about this season. I’ve missed them ever since.

Richard & Joey: The ones who focused, believed and did not achieve anything. Yeah, they won a leg and annoyed everyone (racers and viewers alike) – but when you put that into perspective, are those such great achievements?

Mo & Mos: Or The Moose, as I had always called them. They were funny enough, but it took a while for me to grow on them. I’m happy with how far they’ve made it, although I would have been happier if they switched places with another team…ahem *Chris & Anastasia* ahem.

Alana & Mel: I always thought they had a weird relationship. Mel was definitely the more annoying out of the two. While they had their funny moments, they weren’t quite a team I was rooting for.

Chris & Anastasia: Neither were them. They might have worked well together in their last two legs. They might have come in first once. But they bickered, they fought and screamed at each other for the most part. So good riddance.

Dave & Kelly: Dave annoyed me with some of his comments, but I have to say him and Kelly make for a funny couple. Very devilish, sneaky and funny. They should be happy with how far they’ve made it.

Matt & Tom: The good thing is that we only have to watch one episode in which they don’t race. And if bringing back Anne-Marie & Tracy for an All-Stars seems unlikely, I can’t imagine one without the Cowboys. I don’t think I would watch one, to be honest.


So, who is your favorite team going into the final episode? Who would you like to see win? My answer to that question: Sam & Renae, although I still think it’s going to be Tyler & Nathan. And the world is a cruel place, so Jeff & Luke might end up winning as well. We’ll have to wait and see.

The Cowboys bit the dust. Unfortunately.


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