TAR Australia Finale: ‘You’re good at spending money!’

Well, we have our first ever TAR Australia winners. Congratulations Tyler & Nathan!!! Just like I had predicted so many weeks ago, the surfers were able to beat models Sam & Renae and father and son Jeff & Luke to the Finish Line. Out of the final three teams, they’ve been the most consistent throughout the season. They deserved to win and I’m happy for them. Now, since we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about the actual episode.


‘Don’t be scared, you’re not going to die!’


Firstly, teams flew to Singapore, where they had to open up Durian fruits until they found one with a colored inside. Although Sam & Renae arrived first, it was the surfers who found the colored fruit first, thus taking an early lead. The final Detour of the Race was a choice between Dare and Stair. The first required teams to traverse two towers by doing a tightrope walk. For Stair, teams had to climb to the 54th and 56th level of the two towers, respectively. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out which one is faster.

Still, both Tyler & Nathan and Jeff & Luke initially opted for Stair. What? Why would you do that? Climbing 110 levels worth of stairs is tiring even for the young and fit. Besides, you are just starting the final leg, why pointlessly exhaust yourself?

After analyzing the situation, the surfers woke up and realized Dare is the right choice. That proved to be a wise decision; they quickly finished the task and got their next clue. As Jeff nearly died, Sam & Renae came from behind, also went for Dare despite Renae’s fear of heights and surged ahead of the father and son.


You have…the Grim!


Did you get the Harry Potter reference? If not, ten points from your house! Okay, so I’ve been wanting to throw one in for a while, but the opportunity never presented itself until now. After the Detour, teams had a Chinese fortune teller read their future in their palms. Here is what he said to each contestant:


Tyler: You’re good at spending money.

Nathan: You will be very wealthy in the future. (Okay, spoiler much? Not that you couldn’t tell they won based on their happy-but-trying-to-hide-it moods in the post leg interviews, but still…)

Sam: A guy likes you. (I’m pretty sure there’s more than one guy that likes her.)

Renae: You could be a professor in the future. (…what?)

Jeff: You’re very patient.

Luke: You’re a ladies’ man.


Hard luck


After a little more running around, teams were directed to the world’s tallest Ferris Wheel. There, they had to enter a gondola and sit through a 21 minute rotation. Each gondola contained a Race envelope, though only three envelopes had actual clues. I was quite disappointed to see this challenge, because whether or not you would get the clue was entirely based on luck rather than skill. The time for challenges involving luck has long gone.

In fact, the outcome of this challenge may have affected the final placements. Nathan & Tyler and Jeff & Luke were the first two teams to find the clues – as a result they got on the first flight back to Australia. So going into the last segment of the last leg, Sam & Renae were already 30 minutes behind because of this challenge. Not cool.


Flags & more flags!


Once in Perth, Australia, teams ran around some more before arriving at the Fremantle Prison, where they were given a set of 12 keys. Using them, they had to search through over a hundred prison cells for one of only three that contained their next clue. Okay, a second luck challenge? Are you kidding me? Despite their 30 minute delay, the models were able to catch up with Jeff & Luke (who had problems opening the doors) and even surpass them.

The final Roadblock (and challenge) of the season was almost identical to the final Roadblock in the 9th season of the American version. One team member had to arrange the flags of the countries they’ve visited in chronological order.

Tyler & Nathan win TAR: Australia!

At first, Nathan had about six flags in the wrong places, Sam a few more and Luke got all but the two Australian ones wrong. I’m really curious how he finished the task. And when. But in all honesty, everyone struggled. Jeff meditated. Oh, how suspenseful! All the meditation in the world couldn’t help Luke. It became pretty clear Sam stood no chance as well. So Nathan finished first, Sam was second and somehow, at some point Luke finished as well. They all arrived at the Finish Line, where everybody cheered on them and all was well.

Did you get the second Harry Potter reference? I sure hope so. As I’ve already said, I’m pretty satisfied with the result. Now that the first season has officially ended, we can say that overall, it was great. Here’s to a second one that’s even better!


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