That’s got to be on the mind of every Harry Potter fan these days, right? If you are one of the million people who registered during The Magic Quill challenge, you should either be:

(1) Anxiously awaiting your email informing you your account is ready to use


(2) Envying me, because I got mine today.

It’s not that great, though. I’m going camping tomorrow and won’t be back until Wednesday, so I won’t have a chance to explore the site as thoroughly as I would have liked. Nevertheless, I’ve spent a few hours on there already, so here are some initial, raw thoughts on the website.

First of all, I have to say it’s a bit different from what I had in mind. Thinking about it now, it does seem a bit silly, but I imagined one would read the books online and at certain parts a message would pop up informing asking if they want to read new information concerning the characters/setting/whatever.

The way it actually works is that you get to explore a few moments from each chapter, ‘unlock’ exclusive content, collect stuff (from chipped cups to Chocolate Frog Cards) and play mini-games (such as brewing potions). I’m only at the seventh chapter (out of seventeen), but I’m already impressed with the site.


The good.


The graphics are amazing. Some pages take a little more time to load, either because of that or my computer. The potion brewing game (which is the only one I have played so far) is quite entertaining, but a bit difficult: I’m having trouble with the first, easiest potion.

I really liked the new material as well. Among other things, we get The Dursley’s and Prof. McGonagall’s backstories. While I never cared much for the ordinary couple, their story was saddening only because it emphasized their insane, inexplicable desire for normality. The Transfiguration teacher has always been a favorite of mine and reading about her past has only made me love her more. And of course, prove how much of a bad-ass she is.

Best House? I think so.

What I’ve enjoyed the most so far, without a doubt, were the wand selecting process and Sorting Ceremony. They’re very similar in concept -you only have to answer a few questions-, but they’re two of the most important rites of passage in a young wizard’s life. They were done beautifully and most importantly – I’m so very pleased with my results.

My wand: I got a 14 1/2 inches Cedar wood wand with a Unicorn core, which is ‘surprisingly swishy‘. After reading what that means, I would trade it for no other wand.

My house: I was sorted into Ravenclaw, which is only the same house one of the most awesome witches ever – Luna Lovegood– belonged to. Knowing that J.K.Rowling’s Sorting Test put me in Ravenclaw has made my life complete. Pretty much.


The bad.


There are some things that I don’t like about Pottermore, I must say.

To begin with, there is no sound whatsoever. To have all these awesome animations and no sound to accompany them is sort of disappointing. Even ‘Hedwig’s theme’ playing in the background at all times would have really enhanced the experience. We all know the music of Harry Potter is as magical as the books/films themselves, so I was really surprised they opted not to use any of it.

Also, I have not been able to find a way to contact another member. You can send friend requests, you can send gifts, but no messages. Private or otherwise. I really don’t understand why; wouldn’t you find it awkward if someone gave you a gift of a postcard out of the blue? I was the person who did that, without knowing there’s no way to send a note as well. Apart from the common room (where you’re limited to a few sentences), there’s no other place to chat with people. At least not to my knowledge.


Has anyone else gained access into Pottermore yet? What do you think of it? Also, if you’d like to add me as a friend there, my username (which I adore) is HallowMirror119. Leave a comment here first, so I know how you’ve found me. I look forward to dueling each and every one of you.


‘Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.’


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  1. So you would say the sorting hat was pretty accurate?

    • Yeah, I’d say so. Some of the questions were quite odd (Left or Right? Forest or River?) and there was at least one where I had to choose not the obvious (in my mind) Ravenclaw answer. But I guess the Sorting Hat takes your opinion into account, eh? 😛

      Best of luck.

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