That time of the year…

It’s October, which is great for a number of reasons:

1. My birthday’s coming up. October the 18th. Cake. Yay!

2. NaNoWriMo is just around the corner. It’s now that participants all over the world start searching for ideas, developing characters and stocking up on various edible supplies, from coffee to biscuits and semi-prepared meals: November will be, after all, a month of isolation.

3. People who are fortunate enough to have been born in the right parts of the world celebrate Halloween. Sadly, I’m not one of them, but I still enjoy wishing I were, watching Halloween related movies and eating candy.

4. Last but certainly not least… Dewey’s 24 hours Read-a-Thon is back!:D The challenge is the same: read as much as you possibly can in 24 hours. I took part for the first time in April and had a blast, so I look forward to doing it again. Also, I’ll be hosting a mini-challenge this year, which should be extra fun. If you want to participate, here’s where you can sign up and find out more about the event. The date is October the 22nd.

That’s all I had to say right now. This post is more of a place holder, I will update it during the actual read-a-thon.

Update #1: Okay, I’m about 100 pages into the first book – Grimus, by Salman Rushdie. It’s the first time I read him and his style is incredibly awkward and weird. But I love it.

Update #2: After another 100 pages or so, I switched from the Rushdie book to something easier. I’m liking Villa Amalia by Pascal Quignard. 😀

Update #3: I just completed my first mini – challenge. Also, I’ll be choosing a winner for the mini challenge I hosted pretty soon. And I’m really liking the book I’m reading + its writing (for the most part). So far, everything is going great.

Update #4: Well, I’ve reached the halfway mark and I still haven’t finished one book – I still have 20 pages to go. Oh, and those moments when you suddenly stop reading and realize you have no idea what’s been happening for the past few pages? Yeah, I’m starting to have a few of them every now and then.

Update #5: I finished my first book. I’d write a ‘woo-hoo’ or something, but the book was too good and depressing for me to feel comfortable with that. :\

Update #6: I’m still awake. Somehow. Just finished the second book and am less than 100 pages short of finishing the Salman Rushdie one. I’m taking a break and going for a walk though, to avoid passing out. The end is in sight… Fortunately. Sadly.

Update #7: Finally. With two hours to go, I finished the Rushdie (and the third) book. I think I’ll stop here, seven is a great number of updates and it seems natural to stop reading (fiction, I’ll probably move on to my chemistry notes soon) now. I’ll still hang around until the Read-a-Thon ends so I can say I’ve seen The End. I’ll write a post summarizing the experience in the following hours/days. Cheers!


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  1. Happy Readathon! Happy Belated Birthday!! CHEERS

  2. Happy belated birthday! I just celebrated mine a couple weeks ago. Still feel the same. Nothing changes. 🙂

    The read-a-thon sounds like fun, but since I’m just now discovering it, I will have to try participating next time. Look forward to reading your experience!

    • Indeed, nothing changes. Thanks!

      Awww, but I thought you knew about it? The next one will be in April, but I’ll send you messages so you don’t forget about it! It’s so much fun!:D

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