TAR Australia: ‘So nice to know we were on the same bus’

The second episode of TAR: Australia saw the teams travel to New Delhi, India for a fun day of diverse activities! There were turbans, Bollywood dancing (and acting) and holy crap! (Get it? Get it? The cows are sacred in India, so that would make… eh, never mind!)

Apparently, I was wrong about how the U-Turn would work this season. Teams didn’t have to vote this leg, so my new guess is that it will only happen on legs which feature the U-Turn. But you know what I was right about? James & Sarah fighting. Still, that’s not as impressive because… did anyone NOT see this coming? I am certain there is a much bigger fight waiting for us down the road.

All teams caught the same flight (or bus, if you’re Lucy) to New Delhi, where the first task was to unwrap and search the turbans worn by a large number of men for one that said ‘correct’. Personally, I think with a bit of imagination, they could have found a better word to print on the turbans, but that’s just me. The best part of the challenge was when Steve&Paul fell to last place, having been beaten by even the ‘blonde bimbos’, as they called Jo&Michelle. I can’t stand them, I just can’t.


Chocolate Milk


The Detour this week was a choice between milking a cow and making 50 dung fuel bricks using just their hands – the same task as in Unfinished Business, only this time around people were not given any gloves. A lot of teams chose to milk a cow and only Sticky&Sam really struggled. They’re one of my favorite teams, so I was a little worried when they switched Detours, but my fears were unfounded. They were able to make up some time and were the first to leave, despite Lucy&Emilia being there longer.

Just to make sure they would leave the Detour last, Emilia told Paul&Steve how to make their bricks stick to the wall as soon as they discovered it. But why? Why would you do that? I’m all for helping others at this stage, as long as it doesn’t hurt your race, but not when you are one of two teams at a challenge. How do you know you’re not last? I hate having to agree with Paul, but it was a ‘rather dumb error’. Nevertheless, their description of the challenge was all sorts of hilarious: ‘Literally there was a cow and its poo, and you had to put your hand into the poo […], so essentially we’re making like a pasta dough with poo and hay’.




The last challenge of the episode required teams to travel to Old Fort, perform a Bollywood dance and recite a Hindu script. I find it a bit weird that so far, we haven’t had a Roadblock. What’s up with that?

The script teams had to recite was equal parts amusing and horrific. One person was about to move to Adelaide to start a new life, so the other cried because ‘it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to’. What? I sincerely hope that part was made up specifically for the Race and is not included in any sort of film.

Several teams struggled with either the dance or the script – my heart goes out to Ross&Tarryn; their first attempt looked just about as bad as mine would’ve been. In the end, Sam&Sticky arrived at the Pit Stop in first place, after nailing both tasks. Sweet! Right behind them were cheerleaders Jo&Michelle and hairdressers Sue&Teresa. Both teams keep surprising me; after having such good placements in the first leg, I was sure they would screw up a bit this leg. Good for them that they didn’t, but I’m not sure I like them very much.

The first eliminated team: Adam&Dane

Ross&Tarryn came in fourth, followed by Paul&Steve. Adam&Dane originally arrived at the mat in sixth place, but were issued a 30 minute penalty for having sold personal items. It came down to them, Lucy&Emilia and 3 minutes on the clock and I was convinced the sisters were out. Just like last week, I would’ve been crushed. Luckily though, the planets aligned for them, as they were able to squeeze in, grab 10th place and avoid elimination. One of my favorite teams winning first place while another NOT being eliminated? The perfect episode.

That meant it was the end of the road for Adam&Dane. They seemed like nice guys, but there are much more colorful personalities than them, so I wasn’t quite sad to see them go.

All in all, I thought this was a fantastic episode. I’m looking forward to the next one. And, I’ve decided on my Ideal Final Three. First of all, Sticky&Sam. After that, Ross&Tarryn. Finally, I can’t help but root for Emilia&Lucy, despite their not quite impressive overall performance. They’re hilarious.


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