TAR Australia: ‘I don’t like to use my brain’

The Amazing Race: Australia had me on the edge of my seat yet again. The third episode wasn’t exactly at the same level with the first two when it came to challenges, but it was still very much enjoyable. After two episodes with no Roadblocks, we had two for the price of one and the end result was one I couldn’t have been happier with.

For the second time in a row, Sticky&Sam finished the leg in first place, followed closely by Ross&Tarryn. I was ecstatic about that, since they are two of my favorite teams. However, Lucy&Emilia were in last place for most of the episode and I would’ve hated it if they went home this early. During the first season of TAR: Australia, one of my favorite teams (Tracy&Anne-Marie) were eliminated at the end of the third episode. Much like Lucy&Emilia, they were hilarious, likable and not that athletic and I was really worried history was going to repeat itself. Thankfully they managed to avoid elimination for the third time. “By the skin of their teeth, that’s how we roll” was what they said at the Pit-Stop.


Mystery spray



Instead, Sue&Teresa were the ones whose journey came to an end. I must say, I never quite liked them. Before the season started, I was pretty convinced they would be one of my favorites – based on two photos and a few lines from an interview I read. But since the first leg, but they just seemed… weird, and not in a good way. And that cleansing spray? What was it called, the ‘aura cleansing spray’? Yeah, like I said: weird. Under normal circumstances, I still would have felt sorry for them; I mean, going from 4th to being eliminated is gotta be painful, especially when you had such good placements before. But it came down to them and the sisters, so… no way.

You know who I’m dying to see get eliminated, though? Paul&Steve. Actually, if they could get rid of Paul and let Steve race on his own, I’d be fine with that too. This week they got into a feud with Kym&Donna and I don’t think it wasn’t their fault. Sadly.

From the scenes, it does look like Paul knocked over those pots was an accident; however, the way he handled the situation bothered me. Instead of just apologizing and moving on, he got all defensive and loud. It was annoying to say the least – almost as annoying as his comments during the second Roadblock. ‘I needed to prove that I’m not arrogant and I’ve got skills to back me up’? I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Paul, but you are arrogant as hell. You should change your middle name to Arrogance. The fact that you are capable of doing things does not mean you’re not arrogant. Gosh, I can’t stand that guy!

The episode itself was okay. Like I said, the challenges weren’t that impressive, but that place with the stairs looked really cool. Also, it’s always a delight to see teams having to drive through India – after all the TAR seasons I’ve watched, I’m still amazed by how chaotic the traffic in India is.


‘We got arrested’


I’m looking forward to the next episode. From the preview, it looks like a lot of teams will have breakdowns of some sorts and Lucy&Emilia get arrested. I sincerely hope that won’t be the bane of their existence. Jaime&Cara survived an encounter with the police during Unfinished Business, so I am hoping the sisters will be able to pull through as well.


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