TAR Australia:’Wrong? You’re wrong!’

So, episode number five. A few thoughts, in bullet points style, only without the bullet points.

First thing to notice was the awkward structure of the leg: the second leg in a row to feature a U-Turn – an Anonymous one this time – and a mid-leg flight to another country. Also unusual for this season was the fact it featured both a Roadblock and a Detour. I liked that.

Besides bad cab luck, The Cops have been pretty much invisible this entire Race, at least to me. I was happy they finally gave me a reason to at least try and be sympathetic towards them when they are eliminated by U-Turning Paul&Steve.

Despite my early predictions that Sarah&James would be the ones to beg to be hated, I have to say I don’t mind them. I still think they’re idiots, but I don’t mind them. Steve&Paul, on the other hand… In this week’s episode, we found out the reason Paul is annoying, arrogant and an ass: because he was bullied in high-school. Do I feel for him? Yes. Does this make me like him? Well… ‘I have an IQ which puts me in the 2% of Australia’. Or in other words – absolutely not. They grabbed first place this week (boo!), but I’m desperately waiting for them to be eliminated.

When it came down to Sarah&James, Lucy&Emilia and Ross&Tarryn I was certain I’d lose a favorite team this week, and was hoping Ross&Tarryn would be that team. They did come in last, only to be told this is a predetermined non-elimination leg! Yes! It would have been the worst episode so far if one of my favorite teams went the same episode that Paul&Steve won.

From the previews, I’m guessing the next episode will be funny and/or exciting! I can’t wait!


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