TAR Australia: ‘My stunning specimen of a man’


So, we’ve lost Ross&Tarryn. I knew it was coming ever since the Intersection – Sarah had been way too happy in her post-leg interview. It was sad seeing them go, but on the bright side, I’ve had all my three favorite teams make it for ½ of the Race. Tarryn&Ross had also won a leg before, so it’s not even like they’re leaving empty handed. They’re amazing & I want them for the All-Stars version! Whenever that may be.

Other than that, the episode was slow paced with no power shifts, yet funnier than most. Lucy&Emilia were, as always, hilarious and Shane&Andrew had a nice, heart-warming moment with a 3 years old. They’re starting to grow on me, as do the twins. I have massive respect for them and I wouldn’t mind them sticking around until the final legs. I’ve enjoyed seeing the Yield tremendously – it was always one of my favorite twists. I don’t think we’ve ever had a Double-Yield, but I’d be curious to see how that would work.

On the other end of the spectrum, Paul is still the person I despise the most out of all contestants. There is a real possibility he and Steve make it to the Final Three, I’m sorry to say. And it’s terrifying. I cannot hope and pray enough that they are eliminated next!

Also, I’m done with my exams, so starting next week I should be able to write more detailed posts about the show.


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