TAR Australia: ‘The right to continue racing’

Wow. Was that a thrilling episode or what?

In the most bizarre twist of fate, Sticky&Sam managed to fall at the back of the pack, being surpassed by even Sarah&James. Since they left the airport in Cuba after Sarah&James, I’m pretty sure they’ll be starting the second half of this Double Leg in last place… They’re a strong team and based on past performances the logical thing to assume is that they’ll be able to make up the lost time. However, I have a bad feeling about the next episode. They cannot, it simply CANNOT happen that they are eliminated next. Sticky&Sam have to make it to at least the final four, cause if they don’t, I’m not sure any of my Ideal Top Three teams will make it to the Top Three. And it would be just sad to lose two teams I love in a row. Fingers crossed neither them, nor Lucy&Emilia go next week!

It’s interesting most of the episodes don’t follow the exact format that we’ve been used to. Legs with either a Detour or a Roadblock, mid-leg flights, more miscellaneous tasks – it’s all contributing to this version of the show to have a more stand-out feel to it. Plus, this way you never know what to expect from a leg.

I’m dying to see what happens next week! To recap, the episode ended after Paul&Steve (sigh!) and the twins checked in at the fake Pit Stop and everyone else being in a lot of trouble. Shane&Andrew’s car died. Lucy&Emilia’s car stopped on what looked to be a railway track. Smoke was coming out of Joseph&Grace’s car. Sticky&Sam seemed lost (God, I hope they don’t get eliminated next week). And what’s with the clue instructing teams to go to Australia? It appears next week’s episode will be yet another great one.


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