TAR Australia: Farewell to Sticky&Sam!


Unbelievable. Another one of my grim premonitions turns true as we lose Sticky&Sam on The Amazing Race: Australia. Not only that, but with Lucy&Emilia being the only team from my original three selections still in the Race, I’d say the chances of having someone to truly root for in the Final Three are pretty slim. The preview scenes for next week show Lucy having a breakdown, so I’m open to the devastating possibility of losing my three favorite teams in a row. Which would be terrible.

But back to Sticky&Sam. I’m incredibly sad, disappointed and frustrated. Why did they have to get lost? Why didn’t they ask for directions sooner? Why did they have to get lost in Paris? Why couldn’t someone else screw up, like Paul&Steve? Now they have the best shot at winning, which would really put a damper on this season. I always thought Sticky&Sam would at least make the Final Four, so I never worried much about them – this makes their elimination a little harder to accept. The remainder of the Race will not be the same without these two, that’s a fact.

I could go on for a few paragraphs about how this is unfair, but I don’t see the point. Besides, I’m putting that energy to good use: hoping and praying they’re brought back in the event of an All-Stars season. I mean… they have to come back, right?

In the meanwhile… go Lucy&Emilia!


Sticky&Sam being eliminated!

P.S. The fact I didn’t collect a quote from the episode for the title can mostly be attributed to the anxiety that took over me a few minutes into the show.


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