TAR Australia: ‘You’re mean and you have a smiley face on your front’

If you had told me after the first episode of TAR: Australia that these three teams will be the Final Three, I would have laughed in your face. I never imagined Shane&Andrew making it past the midpoint and I was quick to stereotype the Twins as ‘the blond girls’ since Sam&Renae placed so well last year. But I’ve really grown to like both these teams and I’ll be delighted to see either win.

Steve&Paul on the other hand… they came in first five times in a row, so there is a real and frightening possibility that they might actually win. I’m not sure how I will take that, given that I almost feel physical pain whenever Paul speaks. Why couldn’t he get acute laryngitis and leave Steve to do all the talking? He seems like a fun, nice guy to be around. How is he friends with someone who has a pathological urge to brag about Every. Single. Thing. He. Does. is completely beyond me. Would Paul winning be enough to ruin the season? I don’t think so, but it would surely end it on a bitter note.

As for Joseph&Grace, I’m sorry they had such a bad exit. I don’t think they were the best of people, but they definitely were one of the most entertaining teams this season.

Looking forward to the finale!


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