TAR Australia: ‘My favorite friend in the entire race’

After a great season finale, Shane&Andrew WON the second season of The Amazing Race: Australia after running a brilliant final leg. Out of the three final teams, I was rooting for them the hardest, so I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. It’s true that for the first half of the season, they’ve been kind of invisible. But as more and more of my favorite teams got eliminated, they filled in those shoes. They won me over when they first handed out that kangaroo toy to a kid in Turkey.

While I was delighted the Cops won, I was sorry to see the Twins self-destruct. They probably are the most consistent team on all TAR seasons I’ve ever seen – they placed in the top 3 on 10 out of 12 legs and that’s impressive. Major kudos to them as well!

Also… just as sweet as Shane&Andrew winning was Paul&Steve losing. Oh, the joy of seeing them walk two hours instead of taking a taxi! The joy of Steve not guessing Paul’s answers during the jail challenge! The divine joy of Paul being beaten by everyone else at the final Roadblock! In the end, they finished second, after which Paul gave a speech about how he tried to run the race with honesty and integrity and cried. Was anyone impressed by that?

In the end, all is right with the world again. This has been a fantastic season and I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly! I’m looking forward to the next one, despite the year long wait.

Shane&Andrew after winning TAR: Australia!

P.S. I really wish they’d make two seasons per year. These first two seasons have kicked Seasons 19 and 20’s asses so badly and on so many levels it’s incredible.


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  1. Hey there! How have you been doing? You’ve still got your blog going. Great to see. Hope all has been well with you. Anything new and exciting in your part of the world? 🙂

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