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LeAnn Rimes – What Have I Done

I discovered LeAnn Rimes about a year and a half ago. Since then, I’ve mainly only listened to one of her albums – Family -, though I consider myself a pretty big fan of her music. Sure, I also checked out some of her earlier songs – Can’t Fight The Moonlight, How Do I Live, Life Goes On to name a few – and while I’m not complaining about them, I found most of the songs on Family to be head and shoulders above the others. The album came together wonderfully; both the songwriting and LeAnn’s performances were pretty impressive.  I have no desire to check out her previous work, partly because I doubt it will match the high standards set by Family and I’ve also skipped her cover album she released last year (for now!), so I’ve been waiting for her to release something new for quite some time.

On November 20th, she did – the song What Have I Done, and today I finally listened to it. Can I just say how pleased I am with it? From the first lines, you can tell it’s a personal song and she does a fantastic job delivering it. Much like What I Cannot Change, the song is haunting and honest, with beautifully written lyrics which coupled with LeAnn’s amazing voice make it hard not to feel moved at least a little.

I’ve not looked much into her personal life, but I know she cheated on her husband and this is what the song covers. Since the incident, she’s gotten a lot of crap from people, people who’ve never made a mistake their entire life obviously, and I’d like to shove this song down those people’s throats as a reminder that she’s not the cold-hearted bitch people make her.

I’m in love with the song and if this is the kind of material awaiting on Spitfire (her upcoming album), I’ll be one happy camper!

P.S. I just want to further emphasize how beautiful the lyrics are. They are really, really beautiful!

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