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Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites take #2!

survivor26logo--1364238846435770334I’m excited about Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites and have been ever since they announced it! Normally, I would be opposed to having yet another season with returning players, but this is different. The first Fans vs. Favorites season of Survivor was a smashing success and my all-time favorite season, so I’m glad they decided to reuse this format. Secondly, all returning players are first time returnees – which is a welcomed change – and there are some surprises among them. Overall, I’m more than happy with the choices made.

The 10 fans I don’t really care about right now, although judging from what little footage I saw, they seem to be not fans, but super fans – always a good thing. But, the returnees:

Erik Reichenbach from Survivor: MicronesiaThe guy who made one of the dumbest moves in Survivor history by giving up Immunity and being voted out that same night. I liked him enough and it will definitely be interesting to see if he can make a new name for himself.

Corinne Kaplan from Survivor: Gabon. I really hated her during her season and to this day I think her final comments to Sugar were cruel and inappropriate. That being said, I’m excited to see her come back, because whether or not she’ll try to maintain her Evil Queen status, she’ll make for great television.

Brenda Lowe from Survivor: Nicaragua. This is my least favorite season of Survivor, but Brenda’s cool (and eye candy). She played a good game the first around and I can see her making it making it far again.

Francesca Hogi from Survivor: Redemption Island. This was a BIG surprise and she’s probably the contestant I’m most excited to see return. She was the first one voted out in her season, but she made a big impression. She was hilarious and seemed to know how to play the game, so I really hope she gets to stick around longer this time.

Andrea Boehlke from Survivor: Redemption Island. I don’t know what to say about her. She played a pretty passive game last time and unless she plans to change that, I will probably not be rooting for her. Even though she’s likable enough.

Phillip Sheppard from Survivor: Redemption Island. Why are so many of the returnees from this season? Did they absolutely have to bring Phillip back? Was he not annoying enough the first time around? I can’t stand the guy. If he makes it to the merge, I will be pissed.

The Favorites Tribe!

The Favorites Tribe!

Dawn Meehan from Survivor: South Pacific. Dawn was one of my favorite players from South Pacific, but I’m not sure that says much. Much like the seasons preceding and following it, I didn’t like it at all and didn’t find the players to be particularly likable or memorable. I’m afraid she might fade to the background, especially if the fans have strong personalities.

John Cochran from Survivor: South Pacific. I don’t remember how I feel about this guy (see? Unmemorable players). I may have liked him in the beginning and ended up rooting against him? I’m on the fence about this one.

Brandon Hantz from Survivor: South Pacific. Of course they brought him back. Of course. I wonder if they pondered bringing back Russell himself and ultimately decide they wouldn’t be able to get away with it and went with the next Hantz. He was one of the worst things about South Pacific and I hate that he’s returning. And again, why so many people from this season? And why didn’t they bring Christine back? She was great and likable and the only reason she went out early was because of bad luck.

Malcolm Freberg from Survivor: Philippines. Malcolm’s awesome and I’m really happy to see him return! I’ve always said that if Survivor: Philippines had one flaw it was that Malcolm and Denise couldn’t both win the million dollars. I’m happy he’s getting a second shot!

All in all, there are some bad apples in this pile, but I’m not letting that upset me yet. I can’t wait for the season to premiere this February. Here’s hoping it will be at least as good as the first edition of Fans vs. Favorites.


Survivor: ‘You own my vote’

Before I start writing about the second episode of Survivor: Redemption Island I want to ask a question. Has anyone else paid any attention to Philip’s job caption? Formal Federal Agent? is what he’s credited as. I’m not kidding. I only noticed that a few days ago, but the question mark made my day. 😀

The episode opened with a few shots of Francesca arriving at Redemption Island, which I was very happy about. Francesca said her being on Redemption Island is ‘the best thing that could happen to my game’. She still has a positive attitude, which is great. You’d think most people would be pretty down if they were the first person voted out of Survivor, but she seems to be content with it.

Francesca also said she preferred living alone than with Philip and I completely agree with that. After seeing this episode, I can honestly say that man bugs me. I felt embarrassed watching him hunt crabs half the size of his palm. And his speech about patriotism, his uniform… I’m sorry, but what was that? It felt like it was straight out of a very cheesy, corny movie. Everybody was making fun of him, but I felt embarrassment rather than joy. Rob summed it up pretty well: “Government jobs – stressful”.

After the awkward moments at Ometepe, we went to Zapatera and indulged on yet another portion of Arrogance a Russell. He went looking for the Immunity Idol without a clue, but little did he know everyone was watching him.  I’m starting to have faith; these people seem to want him out pretty badly. I can’t wait for them to lose an Immunity Challenge.

Meanwhile, Ralph found the Idol. He was collecting rocks and he found it by pure, sheer accident. Are you serious? What is the point of Idols if people literally run into them? It only makes me angry, but if we look on the bright side, at least Russell doesn’t have it. Still, they worked so much better with Exile Island.


Is Mandrea the new Romber?


Boston Rob is really observing and the fact he’s played three times already is showing. He is worried about the relationship between Andrea and Matt. He’s used that strategy himself and knows how powerful it can be, so he’s considering voting out Andrea, should they lose the challenge. That’s a great thing – if you identify a threat you take them out as soon as possible.

But is he playing a bit too hard? He’s already thinking about whom should he bring to the end and it’s only Day 5. And to be honest, his strategy didn’t seem very different than Russell’s. He’s planning on ‘picking the girl up, putting her on my back and dragging her ass all the way’. Also, he picked the one girl who has a crush on him and follows him around like a puppy dog. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if this strategy will work for him.


Two For The Price of One


The Reward/Immunity Challenge this week had two parts. The first one was the classic challenge used in Micronesia – contestants have to swim to a platform, smash a tile and retrieve a key. That challenge is one of my favorites, so I was very excited to see they’re doing it again. But the second part… again tiles? I am a bit tired of seeing any sort of tiles after Nicaragua. The Reward consists of fishing gear, which everybody is excited about.

One highlight of the challenge was Grant, who grabbed the key but didn’t smash the tile. For a second I thought Jeff will put him to climb up the platform and smash the tile, but that didn’t happen. Also, Jeff demanding to ‘see that animal, Philip’ and him totally failing was pretty funny.

In the end, Zapatera won again and Matt did the unthinkable: he congratulated them. I was perplexed when I saw that. Why would you do something like that? To be honest, I found it amazing that only Rob was bothered by it.


‘I know how to play this game’


After the challenge, Russell went for the Idol clue hidden in the basket, but Ralph saw him. As a small observation, Sarita looked like a witch with that hat and that’s enough reason for me to like her :D. But anyway, Ralph confronted Russell about the clue in front of pretty much everybody. His response was sort of stupid, in my opinion.

Why did he say ‘maybe there was a clue’, if he was going to deny it a minute later? Now everybody knows he has the clue and Ralph looks like a hero for confronting him. I think Ralph’s likable enough. He was smart enough not to tell everybody about his Idol… so far. And that  ‘ol’ boy right here does too’ know how to play the game. 😛


He’s a formal federal agent


If there’s someone who doesn’t know how to play the game, that’s Philip. As soon as Ometepe returned from the challenge, he gathered everybody around and gave them a ‘vote for me,

it’s okay’ speech. He told Rob he would vote for whoever Rob wanted. He then actually ASKED Rob who to vote for. At Tribal Council, he pointlessly talked about his tattoos for about

ten minutes. He talked about meeting his ‘nemeses’ at Redemption Island. He looked like a fool. Utterly ridiculous.

Matt got voted out of Survivor last night.

I really hoped he would be sent to Redemption Island so that Francesqua can kick his butt. But in the end, Rob told Philip (at Tribal Council!!) to vote for Kristina, who played the Idol.

Meanwhile he blindsided poor Matt for shaking hands with the other team. Yep, the kid never saw it coming and neither did Andrea. I thought, for a second, he started crying before bringing Jeff his torch.

I have to ask though, was that a good strategic move? Now there are two people at Redemption Island and both pretty much hate Rob. Plus, he pissed off Andrea and I’m guessing Kristina is still against him.

It seems like next week we’ll finally see a ‘Redemption Island Duel’. I’m definitely hoping Francesca will win this one, since Matt is so… soft. And innocent. And I really don’t think he’d do better than Francesca, if he was to reenter the game.

A few questions for you to answer in the comment section: What did you think of this episode? What did you think of Rob’s plan to take out Matt? Who would you like to win the Duel?

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